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Radical Times in Spain

by Tommy Barrels on February 24, 2017[edit]

SNOW, SURF & SKATE – Dig all 3?? If you do this clip is a must watch.
Follow the Quiksilver team around Europe and re live the stoke!

La Minute

by Tommy Barrels on February 24, 2017[edit]

Slowed down feel good lines on a clean French beachie! Enjoy!


by Tommy Barrels on February 15, 2017[edit]

‘WINTERLUST’ featuring a handful of surfers – Oliver Kurtz, Noah Wegrich, Mitch Coleborn, and Colin Moran were headed away from their natural habitat and into the frozen unknown at the very same time. For the next few days, they discovered a new definition of “scoring” at Mammoth Mountain. And once they returned to their accustomed, liquid-form water, the coast had come alive. Here’s their story – a journey into interdisciplinary shredding, of sorts.


Video: Travis Kuhlman

Music: Yacht – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)

Quinn Bruce in South OZ

by Tommy Barrels on February 4, 2017[edit]

‘POTHOLE’ features Quinn Bruce for Mitch Imgraben’s submission to the 2017 REELERS action category. The boys ventured so S.A and the clip was cut together using only 3 days worth of footage. The guys managed to find some fun uncrowded waves, a refreshing change from what Quinn’s used to at home on the Gold Coast.

Quinn Bruce rides HAMMO SURFBOARDS check out the full Hammo range HERE if it tickles your fancy!

Music by Dirty Art Club

The Loot ft. Haydenshapes Plunder

by Tommy Barrels on February 1, 2017[edit]

Looking to improve your wave count?
Want to ride something in those tiny conditions but not keen on a longboard?

If this sounds like you then you’re going to love the Haydenshapes Plunder model.

Check this latest edit of the entire HS team riding this model on the Australian east coast, central coast of California U.S.A and Puerto Rico.

Of course you can also order the entire Haydenshapes board range right HERE as well!

Eric & Evan Geiselman

by Tommy Barrels on February 1, 2017[edit]

E.Geiselman – The brothers who rip!!

Settle in for 24 minutes of pure shredding from these 2 at a number of locations around the globe.

Both the boys have Stacey Surfboards under their feet for pretty much every section in this edit. You can miss the transformer logo!

If you don’t recall Evan nearly drowned at Pipe last season. The section near the end where the 2 recap on that day is a heavy one.

Big Timers – Jake Marshall

by Tommy Barrels on January 27, 2017[edit]

Jake Marshall knows a thing or 2 about drawing lines, throwing buckets & wetting his rail!

It appears the crew at Sharp Eye Surfboards have also noticed this and snapped up the promising young prodigy! Keep an eye out for this kid!

Sharp Eye Surfboards are now available to order in Australia right HERE!

Telo Menta Uber Jam | Volcom Surf

by Tommy Barrels on January 20, 2017[edit]

Need a clip to get psyched for the next session? Well this is it !!!

Watch what happens when the Volcom team link up for an epic 2 week boat trip.

Telo Menta Uber Jam | Volcom Surf features the likes of:
Yago Dora, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn, Pat Schmidt, Charly Quivront & Ryan Burch.

Mitch Coleborn‘s riding the Chilli Spawn (50/50 tech in the first section)
Yago Dora‘s like a bat outa hell riding the Futures AM2 Fins
Ozzie is making shit happen on Vampirate Surf Crafts

Enough words! Enjoy the clip!


by Tommy Barrels on January 12, 2017[edit]

Are average junky Summer conditions getting you down? Never fear, the ACSOD Two Fangs model is here! Get onboard the twin fin band wagon and grab yourself one of these bad boys. After all extra width and volume is your friend in smaller junky conditions!

Want to increase your wave count and have more fun? Then click HERE to order yourself one of these fine sleds.

Chippa Wilson signs with Adelio

by Tommy Barrels on January 9, 2017[edit]

Chippa has this unique style that’ll give you the urge to get out there and shred! Watch as Chip tears apart super fun looking beachies in some of the worlds colder parts. 2017 has seen the man sign a fresh new deal with Adelio wetsuits to keep him toasty in cooler waters.

Chippa is still with long time board sponsor MH Surfboards, incase you were wondering what’s under his feet.

Filmed by Aidan Stevens, Edited by Blake Myers