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Telo Menta Uber Jam | Volcom Surf

by Tommy Barrels on January 20, 2017[edit]

Need a clip to get psyched for the next session? Well this is it !!!

Watch what happens when the Volcom team link up for an epic 2 week boat trip.

Telo Menta Uber Jam | Volcom Surf features the likes of:
Yago Dora, Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn, Pat Schmidt, Charly Quivront & Ryan Burch

Mitch Coleborn‘s riding the Chilli Spawn (50/50 tech in the first section)
Yago Dora‘s like a bat outa hell riding the Futures AM2 Fins
Ozzie is making shit happen on Vampirate Surf Crafts
Enough words! Enjoy the clip!


by Tommy Barrels on January 12, 2017[edit]

Are average junky Summer conditions getting you down? Never fear, the ACSOD Two Fangs model is here! Get onboard the twin fin band wagon and grab yourself one of these bad boys. After all extra width and volume is your friend in smaller junky conditions!

Want to increase your wave count and have more fun? Then click HERE to order yourself one of these fine sleds.

Chippa Wilson signs with Adelio

by Tommy Barrels on January 9, 2017[edit]

Chippa has this unique style that’ll give you the urge to get out there and shred! Watch as Chip tears apart super fun looking beachies in some of the worlds colder parts. 2017 has seen the man sign a fresh new deal with Adelio wetsuits to keep him toasty in cooler waters.

Chippa is still with long time board sponsor MH Surfboards, incase you were wondering what’s under his feet.

Filmed by Aidan Stevens, Edited by Blake Myers

Best of 2016: Haydenshapes Team

by Tommy Barrels on January 4, 2017[edit]

Want to watch a rad video of the Haydenshapes team best bits of 2016? Yeah we thought you might – check out the Haydenshapes crews highlights from a big 2016.

A few notable board mentions include the Untitled, White Noiz and the Love Buzz.

Check out the full Haydenshapes range here.


by Tommy Barrels on December 22, 2016[edit]

This year FCS have expanded their shapers series fin range with the addition of world renowned Shaper Jason Stevenson (JS Industries) to the growing list.

If you’re wondering how this fin will feel, think of how Joel Parkinson surfs and that basically sums it up. Lots of drive off the bottom, extended flow through turns, with a nice offering of tail release on hand if you need it.

On the open face you’ll feel confident pushing a longer turn and holding the board on rail, yet feel anything but restricted when it comes to jamming tighter, more controlled snaps in steeper sections.

The JS fin is geared for intermediate and above surfer ability. This is classified as a high performance fin that sits in the ‘Carver’ family of fins, and will transition across multiple conditions and board models.

This fin delivers a smooth ride with an emphasis on flow and drive.

“The best surfers in the world like Parko, Andy, Dusty and Bruce have all used this fin to win multiple events, so we know it works”. – JASON STEVENSON

Julian Wilson’s NEW FCS II fin

by Tommy Barrels on December 22, 2016[edit]

A short but sweet clip of Julian Wilson putting his NEW signature FCS II fins to the test!
This fin has been designed with speed, control and projection in mind. If you want to progress your performance surfing to the next level you can order the large template HERE and the medium template HERE.

Creature x Beater Surfboard

by Tommy Barrels on December 9, 2016[edit]

Catch Surf and Creature skateboards have joined forces to create the newest shred sled in the Beater family. Check out Creature skater Al Partanen taking his Beatering to a whole new level down the streets of the LBC.

Meant to be shredded in the ocean but sidewalk surfing is cool too! You can pick up one of these boards HERE

Voodoo Child ~ Mason Ho

by Tommy Barrels on December 9, 2016[edit]

Mason Ho and Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards have been working together for the last few years refining and designing his new signature model, Which has just dropped!

Introducing: The Voodoo Child.
This board is fast and loose! It’s got a lower rocker through the front and centre of the board and has a good amount of tail rocker with a hip squash tail to whip through tight arcs.

Mason Ho loves this board and we think you will too! Check it out here ~ HERE

Chat live or leave an enquiry regarding sizes available in stock!

Lost V3 Stealth has arrived

by Tommy Barrels on November 16, 2016[edit]

The highly anticipated Lost V3 Stealth model is AVAILABLE NOW!

This model is based off the ever popular V3 Rocket. It combines the best aspects of the V3 Rocket and your traditional high performance shortboard to give you all the positives of a shorter, stubbier board such as the V3 Rocket, but gives you the added quickness and performance of a high performance shortboard. This bad boy is also available with channels and Carbon Wrap Construction! What are you waiting for???

Order yours HERE

Taj Burrow reviews the 5050 Spawn

by Tommy Barrels on November 16, 2016[edit]

Taj Burrow was the test pilot for the 2016 Tech Test by Surfing Life magazine where he rode and tested 5 different surfboard constructions and expressed what he liked / disliked about them. The Spawn by Chilli Surfboards got quite a wrap!

Get the lowdown from Taj on the Spawn model in Chilli’s 5050 construction! Like what you see? Order one right here!