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Mason Ho explains the Voodoo Child

by Tommy Barrels on March 29, 2017[edit]

Take a tour of Mason Ho‘s signature Lost Surfboards model, the Voodoo Child, conducted by none other than the man himself of course.

Sit down with Mason as he gets into the nitty gritty details of this model which you may not have realised were included as standard. Features like the subtle beak nose, foot moulds, and more that you won’t normally find in your standard everyday shortboards.

If you’re keen to try something slightly left of the norm, but thinking of an all round shortboard that’ll work in pretty much all conditions up to 6ft, this is it!

Isolated Perfection

by Ben Preston on March 21, 2017[edit]

A little afternoon good vibes to get you amped up for the week ahead. Asher Pacey’s grace on a wave is something to stop and watch, so you if you haven’t seen him in the water in person, just take a minute to watch this short clip of him in this fun edit from Rhythm. Just look at those fun rights over the ruler edge reef pass, the board’s he’s riding too makes those waves look super fun!

This sort of clip is the definition of hearing a whisper of a remote wave off the coast of Australia and going for it. Yes it might take a decent amount of research but nothing you can’t slowly achieve especially with google maps, a few cold beers, some mates egging each other on and getting that stoke high and mighty!

Narrabeen | 11.3.17

by Todd Ward on March 14, 2017[edit]

East Coast Roast.

It’s been a dormant Summer for the majority of east coast Australian surfers. Onshore, bluebottles and a plethora of rubbish swells, the only craft majority of us have been perfecting is the peddle down to the pub to wet the whistle and talk up how good (rubbish) the beachie was that everyone missed surfing this morning. So it was no surprise that when this recent swell hit last week, every man and his dog jumped at the opportunity to utilise the already accumulated sick days this year and get barrelled out of our minds.

Now, we’ve all bared witness to the immaculate waves that were on offer to the Gold Coast, but what about Sydney’s Northern Beaches? Those lucky few who charged it scored, serving up a strong reminder to us all, to be well prepared for what’s around the corner this year and get your boards in order so you don’t blow it!

Year One – Conner Coffin

by Tommy Barrels on March 14, 2017[edit]

A rookie year on tour

Conner Coffin had one stellar inaugural year on the WSL world tour. Finishing in the top 20, a 5th at Bells and 2nd in Portugal, not bad for a rookie!

Year One documents the headspace and rookie year of the young Californian’s journey to ultimately carve his name in surfing folklore as one fierce competitor on tour. It’s insightful and refreshing to hear a different perspective of life on tour with the ups and down we are all partial to witnessing of our favourite guys and girls on tour. There is also the daily habit outside of the competitive sphere, which for the mind of a young person, is inspiring for the new gens coming up that there is hope to follow the dream tour!

This one’s for the lunch breaks or the extended toilet break! While you’re there why not shop the Channel Islands accessories in stock, ridden & trusted by Conner.

Matt Biolos explains rocker

by Tommy Barrels on March 10, 2017[edit]

Super tech rocker dude!

Lost Mayhem Surfboards shaper and brain behind the science, Matt Biolos, a legend and master shaper explains the difference and application of how rocker effects a boards dynamics.

It’s pretty interesting to watch and listen as he explains the science behind how crucial it is to consider what you would want under your feet, how it even affects the planing ability of your craft to be able to drive speed and direction. It’s important to understand these influences in your board, especially during those flatter months of the year when we’re all prone to grovelling and dreaming of it being 6ft, offshore and laying down that oh so perfect top to bottom carve, you know, the one you exaggerate to your friends… Never let the truth get in the way of a good story right?

Cradle of Storms

by Tommy Barrels on March 10, 2017[edit]

Perfect wave, Perfect Slab?

We all dream of the perfect wave, and in our mind we all have our own vision of what it could look like. But a perfect slab? What does that entail? Well first let’s look at all the elements involved. Remote location, no crowds, plenty of dedicated hours on google earth, cold conditions, booties, gloves, a hood and a rad crew to shred with. That dedicated outlook scored Chris Burkard and crew in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska.

Just look at the perfection and clarity of that water! Sure it’s cold, obviously, but that slab is insane! The clarity and perfection you’d expect over a reef pass in the pacific tropical waters, not the far north pacific frigid waters around Alaska.

Got the adventurous spirit and desire to surf cold water perfection? Stock yourself up on a few fresh new sticks, a decent wettie and some cold weather gear and go for it! You’re sure to experience a plethora of empty line up’s and perfect waves. Its well worth watching the Cradle of Storms series in parts 1 and part 2.

Hello, Sea

by Tommy Barrels on March 1, 2017[edit]

What Youth short films are our favourite here at Boardcave. The boys always manage to get a bunch of our favourite surfers together for films and mini series making them a pleasure to watch.

“hello, sea” is a timeless What-Youth-esque documentation of the classic Mentawai surf trip. Beers, shredding, adventures, mis-adventures and letting the good times roll. Here we see the usual suspects, Chippa, Craig, Yago, Dillon, Eric and Lee Wilson doing what they do best, absolutely tearing.

Lee Wilson ripping on CHILLI SURFBOARDS

Video by Blake Myers and Aidan Stevens

Produced by What Youth and Kai Neville

Kolohe Andino V3 Stealth

by Tommy Barrels on February 27, 2017[edit]

As if Kolohe Andino lacked speed and torque in the first place… Throw a 5’8 channel bottom V3 Stealth by Lost Surfboards under his feet and witness a new level of small wave performance! Keep in mind it’s Kolohe’s first surf on this board, I think it’s safe to say he approves.

Will we see him on one of these at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast event? If conditions are below par it could be likely!

Asher Pacey in the Maldives

by Tommy Barrels on February 27, 2017[edit]

Asher Pacey has a style that’s hard to hate! Take some time out and escape to the tropics with a few fast and flowy lines with the Twin Fin master.

Craig Anderson Luxury 29.99

by Tommy Barrels on February 27, 2017[edit]

Familiar with Former?

If you’re not it’s a clothing company worth knowing about. Owned and Operated by some of our favourites Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds and Austyn Gillette.

To coincide with the launch of their 1st clothing line Mr Anderson has dropped this new clip. The first track may not be for everyone but Craig’s smooth style evens things out. Stay tuned till the end where some of the biggest and best punts we’ve seen from the man are slotted (including an ollie over a bodyboarder).

Craig’s most recent model is the Haydenshapes White Noiz