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FCS II Carver

by Tommy Barrels on December 22, 2014

Matt Wilko puts the FCS II Carver to the test in this clip. The 2015 model Carver has been specifically designed for power surfing. Surfers who love to push hard against their fins and really draw out their turns are going to love this template. This fin also excels in providing exceptional control off the bottom and through carves. If you love a fin that you can really lean into and control long drawn out turns on the shoulder, this is the one for you!

Loco Loco

by Tommy Barrels on December 19, 2014

If you dig perfect barrels, clear blue water and gnarly tube riding skills, this clip is a must watch! This footage is taken from a surf film by Nick Colbey titled “Loco Loco” and stars Chippa Wilson, Clay Marzo, Matt Meola and Mikey Wright. Loco Loco is available now with Tracks Magazine.

Hypto Krypto

by Tommy Barrels on December 18, 2014

Craig Anderson and the Hypto Krypto are like 2 peas in a pod. When they come together everything just works. In case it wasn’t already obvious enough, the Hypto Krypto is Craig’s favourite board in the Haydenshapes range. Im sure you’ve seen Ando riding this model in a bunch of clips before but this one is mesmerising, and will more than likely poses you to add one to the cart on your lunch break.


Gold Coast Cruise Ship Terminal?

by Tommy Barrels on December 16, 2014

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The Seaway Saga Continues….

Over the past few years there has been a lot of talk around the inclusion of a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast. This would see the Gold Coast seaway being transformed as it will be the entry and exit point for massive luxury liners.

This project, should it go ahead, will be the biggest regional tourism project in Australian history. They are proposing that $21 billion will be contributed to the local economy, $6.47 billion in construction value, create 5,000 new jobs during construction and 15,200 new direct and indirect jobs upon completion.

The whole idea behind this multi billion dollar project is to develop a new tourism hub in Australia that will help the Gold Coast become more established on the world stage. As times are tough and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find career focused jobs on the Gold Coast, this would appear to be a great opportunity for the local community. But is it worth the potential risk of damaging the environment and marine life for an extra buck?

Kelly Slater Talks Pipe

by Tommy Barrels on December 15, 2014

Kelly Slater revisits this past year in competition. Broken bones, missed opportunities and heat results that were out of his control has left Kelly in a tough position to take out the last comp of the year and the world title at the Billabong Pipe Masters.

Kelly admits that he isn’t feeling 100 percent for this years comp due to broken bones in his toes. It would be foolish to think that an injury like this would keep him from going all the way. If anyone knows how to pick the best waves at pipe and put himself where he needs to be on the scoreboard, it’s Kelly.

With years of experience in the game, and just a few titles under his belt, will he be able to go one more this year? I guess time will tell…

The Rip Curl House

by Tommy Barrels on December 12, 2014

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view as Matt Wilko takes you on a grand tour of the Rip Curl house on the North Shore of Hawaii. With Pipe and Off the wall right out the front its the perfect spot to watch all the action. (viewing from the massive lounge room is also an option if you’re feeling lazy or antisocial) This year 2 world title contenders Mick Fanning and Gabriel Medina are sharing the house with bedrooms opposite each other. Is that awkward you may ask? It’s all just part of the job I guess.

Attractive Distractions

by Tommy Barrels on December 11, 2014

Watch the trailer for the new film released by Take Shelter Productions called Attractive Distractions which combines progressive surfing from around the world all wrapped up into one entertaining surf flick, filled with everything from huge airs to 50ft Jaws. This emotional and entertaining edit is worth the download on Itunes.

Craig on HUF

by Tommy Barrels on December 11, 2014

HUF footwear is a new face on the surfing scene, a company that many surfers may not be aware existed. The brand is originally based out of San Fran in California and founded by Keith Hufnagel, an inspirational icon in the skate industry. HUF being a brand associated with all things rad, it’s a no brainer that Craig Anderson was the first surfer to be added to the team. His style and cruisy approach make Craig a perfect fit for the brand.

World Title Race

by Tommy Barrels on December 10, 2014

Kelly, Mick and Medina break down their insights for pipe and give us a low down on their thoughts on the world title. Medina could very well be the first 20 year old to win a world title since Kelly Slater. Slater gives Medina a wrap and highlights how he and the rest of the competitors need to raise the bar to compete with Medina. All we can say is Pipe is going to be one awesome event and we hope it comes down to a show down. Let us know your insights into who you think will take pipe this year in the comments below?

Dane Reynolds Goodness

by Tommy Barrels on December 10, 2014

Everyone loves Dane Reynolds footage, whatever he releases is always good viewing. The guy can make 1 ft waves look fun and 8 ft waves look easy! Today Dane released all of his videos to the public on his Marine Layer Vimeo channel which you should probably set aside a good hour or 2 to watch.

All clips released showcase Dane’s solid power surfing and ridiculous aerials from the last 5 years. This clip in particular features Dane Reynolds tearing apart waves around his home town in sunny California with Noa Deane making a guest appearance.