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Dummy Mount Bundle Kit

Dummy Mount

The FLURO Dummy Mount Bundle Kit is the Original Ultimate Mouth Mount Solution for your GoPro!
Attach your GoPro Housing to the Dummy Mount and hold between your teeth for hands free photos and video. Stick the Dummy Float to the back of your GoPro housing so it fits snug to your chin. Connect the Cowabunga Cord between your GoPro Housing and Dummy Mount using the loop. Tighten the screw between the connections so they are secure and you don’t lose your camera if you spit your Dummy!

Dummy Mouth Mount - Blue. Includes Standard Screw. *Shown with Upgraded Aluminum Thumb Screw (SOLD SEPARATELY).
Cowabunga Cord™ Leash.
Dummy Float - Fluro

GoPro Not Included.

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