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Surfboard Bag Guide

Getting the right Surfboard Bag is an important part of planning your Surf Travels. For a surfer there is nothing sadder then arriving at your destination with all your boards damaged. Most of the time this can be avoided with the right gear and precautions taken. To make sure you're doing everything you can to avoid damage we suggest you read our guide and watch the video below of Steph Gilmore packing her quiver for the World Championship Tour.

Types of Board Bags.

Shortboard Bags

These bags are designed for boards that have a width of less than 19 inches.

Hybrid Board Bags

This type of board bag is great for boards that have a standard shortboard shape but also has a little more width to it.

Fish/Retro Board Bags

These bags will fit boards that have a wider general outline including a wider nose and tail and come in models like the 6'3" Retro Fish Lite Bag

Longboard Bags

These are the big boys needed to fit your biggest and longest templates when you need to protect them from the elements.

Board Bag Boardcave Creatures

What Thickness for your Surfboard Bag?

Heavyweight Bags

Generally best for air travel. They will normally be around 10mm thick giving you plenty of padding for when you want to fly your boards somewhere. Don't rely on gentle baggage handlers, instead make sure you're prepared with a nice thick Surfboard Bag

Lightweight Surfboard Bags

Great for everyday use. When you're throwing your boards on the roof or in the bag of the van, the reflective side for your lighter-weight surfboard bag will ensure you're protected without needed the full 10mm thickness to lug around. Lightweight Bags are generally 5mm in thickness and as mentioned generally have one side with a reflective material to reduce heat stress like the Creatures Universal Day Use Bag.

Surfboard Socks or Surfboard Sox

Great even-lighter-weight covers for your boards when you're most worried about getting wax on everything. With a stretchy nature and a soft feel, a surfboard sock like the Creatures Universal Stretch Sock ensures you can move your board around without getting too much wax on everything else.

Jay Davies Creatures Boardcave

How many boards in your Surfboard Bag?

Choosing the right amount of surfboard capacity for your board bag can be tricky. With a large range of bags out there incuding Single Day Use Board Bags, Universal Double Bags, Triple Bags, Quad Surfboard Bags with Wheels and Multi-tour bags.

Single Day Use Bag

These bags are great for just one board at a time.

Double Surfboard Bags

These bags are for transporting two surfboards and generally have a divider inside.

Quad Surfboard Bags with Wheels or Quad Wheelies

These boards are great for air travel when you have connecting flights. They can take 4 boards generally and have built in wheels to help you get around those airport terminals

Multi Tour Bags

These bad boys are for your hardcore surf adventures. With a general capacity for 3 boards including their fins or 6 boards without fins, you can basically bring your whole quiver with you.

Surfboard Bag Lengths?

The length of your Surfboard board bag, is an easy one to figure out. Basically, the board bag length is to suit boards that length and smaller. While you can sometimes fit in larger surfboards, why bother? If you have a 6'8" Surfboard, then grab yourself a 6'8" surfboard bag.

Surfboard socks on the other hand give you a bit of leeway. The general rule is that you can throw a sock on anything with about 3 inches of leeway either way. So if your surfboard sock is 6'7", you can get away with using it generally for 6'4" to 6'10" boards.

While you're looking at Surfboard Covers make sure you also check out the Board Calculator to ensure you are riding the right board for you and see what other models are out there to suit your individual skill level.

Boardcave is an online distributor for premium surf accessory brand Creatures of Leisure

Steps to Remember When Packing.

1. Fly with a reputable airline. Some airlines have a worse rep then others when it comes to flying with Surfboards, consider your options and check out their baggage policies.

2. Get the right bag for you boards. You want to make sure the board bag isn’t too small or too big. Too small and it won’t allow for a little wiggle room, too big and your boards will more than likely get flung around like a sausage down a hallway. Look for something 4-6in bigger than the biggest board your taking, and make sure to secure the boards tightly with the straps inside.

3. Pack em' right, keep em' tight! Make sure your rails, tip and tail are covered. For rails, an extra safe coverage is pool noodles. Cut down the middle and then attach them to your board, hold them in place with little duct tape if needed. Cover the tips and tails with as much padding as possible, this could be wetsuits, boardies towels or just plain old cardboard. Next make sure your fins are removed and stick a towel between your boards for a little extra padding. It's never a bad idea to tape your bag with fragile stickers, carriers are lugging bags in and out all day and anything extra to prevent rough handling is recommended.

Helpful Surfboard Board Bag Links

>> Check out the Baggage Allowances and fees and charges for a variety of flights and destinations through Air Asia simple to use Fee Calculator.
>> Also have a look at Qantas for their Sporting Equipment rates and charges. has a large range of Surfboard Bags to suit your needs and we have decided to put together a Surfboard Bag Guide to ensure you get the right bag for what you want to do with your surfboard. Check out our Sales Page for cheap Surfboard Bags.

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