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Eye Symmetry Surfboards

Quality, innovation, performance and design is what you can expect in every Eye Symmetry Surfboard. Founded in 2013 by Head Shaper Max Stewart in Manly Australia, Eye Symmetry provide highly visual, aesthetic designs that have caught the attention of the surfing world. With some unique features like custom made resin leash loops and beautifully finished swallow tails like that of the The Turtle twin fin. Eye Symmetry create surfboards that some may call functional artwork. Other popular models include the The Lucid Eye and Wombi Fish.

With experience and knowledge passed down by masters of the Australian and American shaping scene, combined with the backing of industry heavyweights including surfing legend Tom Carroll is a strong indication that Eye Symmetry Surfboards are cooking up good things in Sydney. The best is yet to come from this relatively young brand!

Check out the range of Eye Symmetry Surfboards below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.
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  1. Eye Symmetry
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The Lucid Eye
Eye Symmetry


The Lucid Eye is great for good waves above shoulder height. Designed for high performance surfing, this refined shape ensures you get a great balance of natural speed combined with maneuverability. See more

The Turtle
Eye Symmetry


The Turtle is your modernised traditional fish design. Easy paddling and gliding down the line in clean conditions is where this board really comes to life. Bevelled edges on deck and bottom of rails running from nose to tail allows nice rail to rail transitions and increased manoeuvrability. See more

The Wombi Fish
Eye Symmetry


The Wombi Fish is a small to medium wave performance fish design. It features a bit more of a refined shape than a traditional style fish would with some attributes inspired by contemporary design. It features a slightly increased overall rocker and tapered foils, this combined with the quad fin set-up creates a responsive, drivey board which excels in clean, running waves. See more

The Dako Roo
Eye Symmetry


The Dako Roo is a small wave hybrid short-board that is best suited to smaller waves typical to summer conditions. It features a wide nose profile and relatively straight rails, towards the tail there are two slight direction changes to help break up the outline and free up the board, making it easier to turn.

This unique plan-shape, combined with a relatively low, smooth rocker creates a fun summer alternative to a regular style shortboard.

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The Rapture
Eye Symmetry

The Rapture is a step-down version of Eye Symmetry's regular performance short-board, The Lucid Eye. It features a modular outline with a relatively wide profile and a smooth, subtle rocker.

The foils of the board are full to maintain volume within the design and therefore create a short, wide board suited for smaller less powerful waves.

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The Bud
Eye Symmetry


The Bud is a step-up from our performance short-board model, 'The Lucid Eye'. Influenced and inspired by Tom Carroll, the signature feature of the design is the pulled in mini thumb tail combined with the overall plan-shape. The combination of these two features creates a board that’s suited to clean, powerful waves in the overhead range. See more

The Leaf
Eye Symmetry


The Leaf is our dedicated step-up model, designed by Tom Carroll for large, powerful waves. It is very similar in design to 'The Bud' model, however, it features an increased amount of rocker, combined with a pulled in, low volume tail suited for barrel riding. See more

Eye Symmetry


The BCN is an all-rounder design, crafted to suit your everyday waves.

While it is designed to be surfed as a laid back kind of board and create reactive turns on small to medium sized waves, its pin-tail and reduced area will also perform well in larger waves, making it a super fun, versatile board.

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8 items found