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Gerry Lopez Surfboards

Gerry Lopez is a legendary Hawaiian surfer who's reputation for surfing one of the worlds most famous waves has earned him the status and nickname of Mr Pipeline. Gerry's designs are both modern and a nod to the classic era of surfboard design. An era that wouldn't be the same without surfers like Gerry. This collection of surfboards is all about easy paddling and having fun because you can't do much surfing if you're not catching waves.
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  1. Gerry Lopez
Wave Height
Little Darlin
Gerry Lopez

The Little Darlin by Gerry Lopez is an epic, easy riding board that goes great in small waves but can handle bigger waves with confidence. Sit deep on your local point break and be the envy of everyone in the lineup when you get in early and fly down the line. The Little Darlin features a single to double concave and Gerry's signature sharp rails that deliver hold, speed and drive. There's a place for a board like this in everyones quiver but if your lucky enough you'll be the only one.

Please Note: Each size comes in it's own colour way (see images):

6'4 - Green
6'8 - Yellow
7'0 - Dark Blue
7'6 - Red
7'11 - Blue
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Something Fishy
Gerry Lopez

The Something Fishy by Gerry Lopez is inspired by the early 1970s Fish surfboard designs by Steve Lis. The Fish design has gone through many evolutions with most shapers creating their own versions. The Something Fishy is Gerry's take on this classic template. Featuring his signature sharp rails along with an updated rocker and bottom contours. If you are looking for something in the classic realm of surfboards then this is a great option for you.

Please Note: Each size comes in it's own colour way (see images):
5'2 - Yellow
5'6 - Dark Blue
5'10 - Blue
6'0 - Red
6'4 - Yellow
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Gerry Lopez


The Squirty by Gerry Lopez was designed to be the perfect balance between easy paddling and manoeuvrability. The Squirty features low entry rocker with a slightly rolled bottom that goes into a single to double concave. The tail has a little extra lift which enables the board to be loose and fast when you want it. This board is a great all-rounder and is addictive by nature due to it's user friendliness and ability to go in everything.

Please Note: Each size comes in it's own colour way (see images):
5'8 - Blue
6'0 - Orange
6'4 - Red
6'8 - Green
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3 items found