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LSD Surfboards

From Head Shaper Luke Short comes LSD Surfboards. A combination of beautifully designed boards with modern functionality, every LSD Surfboard has been tested by elite surfers and developed to produce a fun and critically responsive board across a range of conditions. Whether you are a beginner surfer or an elite competitor, Luke Short Designs has a board model and size for you. Popular models like the all rounder Chubby Chedda, Noa and small wave performer Tex will have you shredding all year round!

Check out the range of LSD Surfboards below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.
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The Noa Deane Signature Model by Luke Short Designs has landed.

For the design of this board Noa honed in on the specifics of what he likes to ride most. It features more area across the nose, low entry rocker and a reliable concave through the bottom. Whilst it's makeup might sound simple the result is a versatile board that is super responsive, holds on the rail and can cop a heavy landing. Noa is calling it the best board he has ever ridden by a mile and according to head shaper Luke it's a board that brings out the best in the everyday surfer too.

New small wave version made for the STAB High Wave Pool Air Comp called the Noa Chlorine.

Check out the videos below to see Noa shredding on this model. See more


The Noa Deane Chlorine was created for the STAB High Air Comp at the Waco, Texas Wave Pool. The Chlorine model is a scaled down version of the original Noa Model. The goal was to make a board that could gain speed as quickly as possible and be incredibly stable for landings. Modifications such as increasing the nose and tail area, lowering the entry rocker and adding extra thickness to the chest allowed Noa to rapidly gain speed from the take off and carry plenty of momentum into the air section. Not just for the pool, Noa has been riding this model when ever the waves are a touch weaker.

As a guide, The Noa Chlorine is to be ridden around 2 - 3 inches shorter than your good wave performance board and / or 2 - 3 inches longer than your Twinny or fish style board. See more


The LSD Chubby Chedda is a small wave performer giving you plenty of paddle power combined with the ability to whip it around on your backfoot. See more



The GTX is designed off the Matt Banting's GT model but with proportionally added width and thickness for an overall more user friendly performance surfboard. It has been designed standard with a round tail to maintain control when surfing bigger conditions and is a great board for the everyday surfer looking for a versatile whip. See more


The GT is a performance focused shortboard with plenty of speed and spark. Driven hard off the backfoot, this board can really light up in good conditions.

Matt Bantings 'Go-To' board. See more


The Twinny is a Ben Aipa inspired Twin Fin surfboard. Great for most conditions, this twin fin is fast and can be ordered with a stabiliser fin.

To be ordered 4 inches shorter / 1 or 2 litres more than your standard shorty. See more


The LSD Tex is a great small wave stubby-shaped fun board to get you going when the waves are flatter. Surf it shorter and wider than your standard shortboard. See more

7 item s found



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