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Baked Bean

MH Surfboards

The MH Baked Bean was made to surf tiny, weak waves that you normally wouldn’t. It makes surfing fun and really enjoyable. The board flys very fast as a quad and allow a mix of high performance surfing for carving and retro style with a stretch five to the nose. A combination between modern and retro surfing.

1-3 ft
Wave Height
5 / 5
Paddle Power
4 / 5
3 / 5

Rocker Info
Being the shortest board in the MH range the rocker is super flat to create more surface area and speed.
Rail Info
This model has a flat deck for stability and to keep as much foam as possible to keep you on top of the water and speed through dead sections. The rail is slightly pulled down to help with the rail to rail transition.
Concave Info
It has a flat bottom on the nose entry into a slight double concave to a v through the tail to allow the board to get up on rail fast.

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The Baked Bean is best for performance surfing in tiny weak and mushy conditions where no other board will allow you to catch as many waves or make as many sections. The Baked Bean model has been refined and tested in all conditions from point breaks like snapper rocks (1-3ft) to your everyday beach breaks.

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