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MH Surfboards

Matt Hurworth Surfboards have been designed and refined over the years, being tested by some of the best surfers in all ocean conditions. With surfers like the air king Chippa Wilson choosing to ride his craft, it's no surprise that MH Surfboards has become a popular choice for progressive surfers around Australia and the world. MH Surfboards have a selection of surfboard models to meet the needs of all surfers, from your competitive high-performance surfer to the recreational weekend warriors looking for a board to progress their surfing to the next level.

The popular Ruff Seas is Chippa's favourite all rounder model! Check out the range of MH Surfboards below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.
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Ruff Seas
MH Surfboards


Ruff Seas is the new model designed by Chris “Chippa” Wilson. This model is shaped shorter than your usual performance board. Tired of changing boards for every different condition, Chippa wanted a board combining many of his boards in one. Ruff Seas fits for barrels, airs and turns. See more

Baked Bean
MH Surfboards


The MH Baked Bean was made to surf tiny, weak waves that you normally wouldn’t. It makes surfing fun and really enjoyable. The board flys very fast as a quad and allow a mix of high performance surfing for carving and retro style with a stretch five to the nose. A combination between modern and retro surfing. See more

2 items found