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Rusty Surfboards

The iconic Rusty Surfboards is known around the world as one of the great authorities in surfing. Believing in surfboards that feel alive, quality shaping and the continuing advancement of the sport of surfing. The Rusty Surfboard brand has always been seen as one of the most influential surf brands. Rusty boasts long established ties to Australia as far back as a trip by founder Rusty Preisendorfer in the mid 70's which included meeting with and shaping boards for legends Peter Townend, Rabbit Bartholomew and later Mark Occhilupo.

The iconic surf brand has been at the forefront of design, durability and surfboard evolution for decades introducing new epoxy constructions like the "Black Diamond". Popular models include the high performance Rusty Model 8, the hybrid Rusty Smoothie, Rusty Twin Fin and The Blade. Check out the range of custom & stock Rusty Surfboards below.

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The Blade is the child of the all-time 1984 model. The Blade works in nearly all conditions. It features 4 deep channels and a single to double concave. This board will have you ripping in whatever surf the wave gods provide you with! See more


High performance surfing in competition or critical surfing in the pocket. The Rusty Yes Thanks is geared towards high performance surfers looking to raise the bar. Ride it as your performance shortboard for conditions around the world. The name 'Yes Thanks' speaks for itself. See more

The Keg


The Keg by Rusty Surfboards is the pro model of Aussie CT Surfer Wade Carmichael. Wade is known for his heavy footed hacks and power carves which he delivers with no mercy. This performance surfboard features a significantly wider nose and tail block then the standard shortboard with volume that is evenly distributed and hidden in an angular shaped rail.

The Keg is the ultimate bigger guy, small wave surfboard if you need more convincing check out the video below of Wade in his edit "MINT". See more


The Dwart Too is the new and improved version of the original Dwart. This small wave surfboard now features a squash tail, a slightly narrower nose, increased rocker and thicker rails.

The Dwart Too is your new go-to small wave machine! See more


The Slayer 2 is based off the original Slayer which has been a favourite in the Rusty Surfboards range for 10+ years. The Slayer 2 is a little more performance focussed and has a more pulled in nose and tail shape with the wide point of board pulled back towards the middle. It has slightly more rocker in the nose and tail and a light double barrel vee concave. The Slayer 2 is normally ridden about 2 inches shorter, or even the same length as your standard shortboard. The Slayer 2 is your modern step-up shortboard shape. See more


The Mi Amigo is a high-performance addition to the Rusty Surfboards range and the high performance version of the Mi Amigo Twin Fin. The rocker has a relaxed nose and tail. This performance shortboard surfboard runs a light single concave that is deepest between your front and back foot creating plenty of drive. There's plenty of volume through the tail and a flattened out deck under the back foot. This helps to keep the tail above water and put plenty of power into your turns. See more


The Chupacabra is an easy to paddle, high volume grovel model which includes a pure Venturi channel. The low rocker with subtle concaves allows this board to maintain plenty of speed in weaker waves. The wing in tail breaks the outline, allowing for more pivot through turns. The wider round tail is great in smaller conditions but also provides hold if surfing bigger waves. The Chupacabra excels in small surf but it'll work well in nicely lines up point breaks and larger clean waves. See more


All round performance surfing for the surfer looking to raise the bar in their progression. The Rusty Kerrosover is built for pushing your surfing when the waves are going good. The performance shortboard surfboard works great in point breaks, beach breaks and everything you can try it on. See more



The Slayer is one of those boards you're going to want in your board bag. A great all-rounder with a fuller forward outline and a nice pulled in rounded pin tail for control when the waves get better or bigger. Extra width for speed and the forward volume gives more paddle power to go with the relaxed rocker. See more


The Happy Shovel is a small wave machine that loves those knee to shoulder height waves. With a full outline and plenty of width throughout, this board gives you paddle power and planes like a dream without excessive volume. Double concave and performance rails gives you plenty of control out through the diamond tail.

Note: Artwork is not included See more

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BRAND / Rusty Surfboards PROFILE

Rusty Surfboards

One of the foremost authority on surfing is the recognisable Rusty Surfboards, which is well-known worldwide for their belief in great shaping, alive-feeling surfboards, and the ongoing advancement of surfing.

By the middle of the 1980s, the iconic Rusty logo had taken on a life of its own thanks to the additions of Dave Parmenter and a young Mark Occhilupo. In 1985 Rusty Surfboards was founded.

Rusty quickly became the most sought-after shaper and was being used by more than half of the top surfers in the world. Since then, Rusty Surfboards has expanded into one of the largest brands in surfing.

See more of what Rusty has to say in the Talk to Your Shaper video, below: