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Vampirate Surfboards

Vampirate Surfboards is the brainchild of shaper/surfer Mark Gnech and radical free surfer Ozzie Wright. Not your standard surfboard brand, Vampirate Surfboards offer boards that are designed to be surfed fast and wild!

With innovative shapes for progressive surfing, the Vampirate Surfboard collection ranges from all round performance machines like the popular Inflatable Mattress and Rainbow to performance focused shortboards like the Deadsled and the Frankenstein. For everyday surfing, Vampirate have a collection of hybrids like the Gravedigger Quad and the Evil Twin for progressing twin fin surfing.

Check out the range of Vampirate Surfboards below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.
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Fun performance in everyday average waves! The Inflatable Mattress by Vampirate Surfboards was designed to let you catch more waves, go faster and get wild in smaller surf. See more


The Surf and Destroy model has been built for progressive small wave surfing and innovative airs. The straighter outline gives the board heaps of speed down the line, allowing you to launch into the air. It's meant to be ridden short and carries plenty of volume from nose to tail. It's also a great option for junky waves. See more



The Gravedigger is a super fun, fast, manoeuvrable grovel board that loves to be surfed hard and quick. With its flat rocker it will plane over any section of the wave evoke your stoke when surfing small choppy waves. Ride as a quad or twin fin. See more



The Vampirate Frankenstein is the only board you need in a quiver, it's your perfect all rounder. Ideal for ripping on any wave, doing ollies, spins and full round houses. See more

Evil Twin

The Evil Twin is a fun performance board that lights up in all conditions. Designed as your classic retro fish, but with modern rockers and rails for performance. Surf just about anything with loads of speed and an easy paddle. See more



The Vampirate Batmoboard has been around since the beginning, it's design came from the desire to want more volume in your traditional shortboard. It's your perfect hybrid between the retro fish and your modern performance shortboard. Perfect for flying down the line and smacking lips. See more


The Vampirate Too Fast for Satan is ideal for flying down the line and taking to the air. The wider outline will help you build heaps of natural speed to pick your section and good stability for landing and riding away. See more



The Deadsled model is your step up shortboard from Vampirate Surfboards. With its wider outline and flatter rocker it will get onto waves earlier and fly down the line with heaps of natural speed. The pulled in tail on the Dead Sled will allow you to turn on a dime, get critical in the pocket and hold your line in the barrel. See more


The Vampirate Rainbow model is a forgiving performance shortboard, with extra volume displayed throughout making it an easier paddle to catch more waves, and generate heaps of natural speed and drive. See more



The Vampirate Unicorn is a blend between your retro single fin and your modern high performance shortboard. It is ideal for taking the high line and gaining pace through long barrels. The flat rocker, with low boxy rail gives it heaps of natural speed. See more

10 item s found



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