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Owen Wright

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Skill Level
  1. Intermediate
  2. Intermediate / Advanced
  3. Advanced
  4. Beginner / Intermediate
  5. Intermediate
  6. Intermediate / Advanced
  7. Advanced
  1. DHD
  2. FCS
Fin Layout
  1. Thruster
Fin System
  1. FCS
Fin Size
  1. L
Fin Colour
  1. Black
Fin Construction
  1. Performance Core
Wave Height

This is the MF Ducks Nuts DNA high-performance board with the same specifications and design that Mick himself is riding. With a single to double concave through the fins, it has plenty of drive. The MF signature rocker also combines entry rocker with a nice amount of tail kick for plenty of speed.

The MF Ducks Nuts Replica has been designed and refined by Darren and Mick over the years to really excel in clean, pumping surf. Great for driving and pushing through turns with nice release of its energy and smooth transitions from rail to rail. Surf like Mick does when it's clean and pumping.

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A high performance surfboard designed by Darren for good conditions when the waves turn on. With a single into double concave running through to the tail for extra drive and speed. Darren Handley and Mick Fanning have worked on the Ducks Nuts for many years to refine its performance for clean pumping surf.

The perfect travel step up surfboard!

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DHD’s template is suitable for critical sections. The glossy face enhances water flow during negative angles of attack and works best with most performance and hybrid shortboards. Performance Core (PC) fins are crafted using a multi-layered resin molding process. The flex pattern in these fins extends progressively from the base through to the tip, providing the surfer with more drive and hold through turns. This versatile fin material is light and can be used in a number of different conditions. See more

3 items found
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