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Top 10 Surfboards

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  1. Chilli
  2. DHD
  3. DMS
  4. JS Industries
  5. Joel Fitzgerald
  6. Pyzel
  7. Rusty
  8. Sharp Eye
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  6. Intermediate / Advanced
Wave Height

The Ghost has been developed with the Pyzel Team riders over a number of years to give you a step up surfboard that performs in Bigger Better Waves. With full volume through the front section combined with a lower rocker, the Ghost can really fly while the round tail and double concave in the lower half help keep you in control.

The Pyzel Ghost is a performance surfboard that goes best in more powerful waves like reef breaks, drainy, dumpy beach breaks or when you want to draw long lines on your favourite point break.

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The Twin Fin was designed for Josh Kerr and based on a template used back in the 70's and 80's. The twin fin surfboard has a shallow single double concave that has been refined to incorporate a more modern performance feel. The wings just behind the fins help for fast responsive pivot, keeping it lively under foot. While the full rails help for easy rail to rail transition that bring the essence of a timeless twin fin outline into a progressive, modern performance board. See more

Sea Gypsy
Joel Fitzgerald

The Sea Gypsy is a single fin surfboard with a 2 + 1 fin option and a high-speed single to double concave bottom. These mid length surfboards are widely regarded by surfers such as Dave Rastovich as one of the fastest boards on the market. Developed and tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia this board is incredibly versatile with a wide nose for easy paddling and a pulled in pin tail that allows it to sit tight in hollow pockets. With its extra width and volume also makes it a good choice for people looking for small wave surfboards. It is designed for having fun. The Sea Gypsy is perfect for new riders looking to step up or for big guy surfers. It can also be a great addition to intermediate and stylish surfers drawing retro lines and hunting tubes.

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The Gherkin is a short, wide super flat pocket rocket. The huge crown tail provides this small wave surfboard with exceptional hold and speed through turns. Use a quad fin set up for high line runs and projecting longer lines when required. The Gherkin can be surfed super short and will thrive on summer sessions. Order it 4 - 8 inches shorter than your regular shortboard.

Check out the clip below of Chippa Wilson taking it for a test drive.

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The Raging Bull is built for better surf and proves to be a versatile travel board. Designed with the help of legend 'Occy', the worlds next best user-friendly high-performance surfboard is here. But don’t let its size deceive you, the Raging Bull is also a capable big guy surfboard.

When the surf is smaller, grab the Bullseye and get out there! See more


The Astro Pop is the ultimate funformance design from Pyzel. The small wave surfboard built from the Astro Gilder, this retro-inspired surfboard is designed to give you easy paddling and extra performance in slower waves to bring more fun to your surf!

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The Phoenix is the latest performance surfboard design from Mick Fanning and Darren Handley. Mick has been riding this small wave surfboard in a 5'6" all summer when the waves are up to 4ft and under. Low entry rocker for instant speed but enough lift in the tail that you can confidently rip. The Mick Fanning Phoenix is lightning fast and as high performance as a small wave board can get. If you want to rip and shoot down the line on even the smallest of the days then this is the board for you.

Please Note: Flame spray not included. Please select at Step 5, below.

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The Faded 2 by Chilli Surfboards is the updated version of the original Faded. Team rider Jay Davies has been test riding and narrowing down on the flaws of the original for the past couple of years until he settled on this latest version which according to him helps paddle into waves even earlier. The updates of the Faded Two include added volume through the centre up to the front of the board and added vee through the tail which allows the Faded 2.0 to be more versatile for rail surfing rather than a pick your line type step up.

All the features that make up this newly improved step up performance surfboard are finely tuned to cover all travel scenarios when it could be 3ft or 10ft. For the break down of concave, rocker and rails see below!

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Inferno 72
Sharp Eye


This is the Inferno 72 by Sharpeye Surfboards. This performance shortboard surfboard was first introduced in 2020 when Filipe Toledo was surfing it during the WCT contest at the Kelly Slater wave pool and he won the event. After that head Shaper Marcio Zouvi decided to enter it into the 2021 Stab in the Dark contest featuring Taj Burrow. He tested a whole bunch of boards from the best shapers in the world and this one was his favorite. 

This board is a tweaked version of the Disco Inferno. They have increased the entry and exit rocker for more control during turns, it also creates more drive. It's a performance shortboard that will perform in any conditions but is probably best in small to medium sized waves. Ride it the same size as your normal shortboard. 

If you would like the black or inverted spray, please select at step 5 when placing your order. See more


The Mid Strength by Chilli Surfboards was designed by Head Shaper James Cheal whilst he was recovering from a knee injury. He wanted something that paddled into waves effortlessly but had enough performance when you were up that you could still rip the way you wanted. This high performance mid length surfboard features a wide nose outline that pulls in at the tail. It's soft rails and curved line keep it forgiving and fun in a wide range of conditions.

Take it out in ankle to above head high waves and feel out what this board can really do. Also a good choice for surfers on the heavy side looking for a big guy surfboard, the extra volume will get you into waves early whilst the longer rail line will have you drawing out your carves with style.

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