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Wave Height
Bullseye Round Tail
JS Industries

The Bullseye has been partially designed by the legend himself, Occy! It's very user-friendly and an all-round versatile board. Perfect for smaller surf when you want to shoot down the line.

When the surf picks up, take the Raging Bull out there! See more

White Noiz

The Haydenshapes White Noiz is a high performance surfboard with a balanced feel for both front foot and back foot surfers. The shortboard surfboard is great in waves 1-4 foot and the shorter length means it fits well in all parts of the wave.

Note: Future flex (Black Carbon Rails) are not included by default, please select Future Flex under Construction See more

Cosmic Twin
Joel Fitzgerald

The Cosmic Twin is the newest progressive twin fin board suitable for a range of conditions. It's perfect for a nice retro feel when you want to surf in the pocket on the smaller days, and when it picks up.

It features flat to double concaves for increased speed and added volume for a larger wave count in smaller surf, whilst still having enough to handle the bigger swell. The Cosmic Twin will have you gliding through sections with ease. See more

Bull Dove
Misfit Shapes


The Bull Dove by Misfit Surfboards is your new ripping machine. It's the most high-performance board by Misfit since their all-time Proform model. It features a single concave, medium rocker, and a fuller rail, which all combine to create a board with maximum shred in a range of conditions. See more


The Shadow is the new high-performance shortboard addition to the Pyzel range.

The Shadow is designed to give you the feel of a wider, forward outlined type of board. It features a high-performance outline with the wide point at the center instead of behind. The nose is pulled in by almost a ½ inch and some extra rocker is added through the nose to keep it nice and free through critical turns. It features a gentle hip for a looser feel and the squash tail is pulled in to help tighten the turning radius. The tail rocker and bottom concave are very similar to the Phantom model, which has been proven to work really well in everyday conditions in waves around the world.

There is added foam under the chest area to help increase paddle power and provide you with extra float under your front foot in slower sections. It is recommended to ride the Shadow about your height or an inch over, and in your favorite high-performance dimensions.

See more

Sea Gypsy
Joel Fitzgerald

The Sea Gypsy is a single fin surfboard with a 2 + 1 fin option and a high-speed single to double concave bottom. These mid length surfboards are widely regarded by surfers such as Dave Rastovich as one of the fastest boards on the market. Developed and tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia this board is incredibly versatile with a wide nose for easy paddling and a pulled in pin tail that allows it to sit tight in hollow pockets. With its extra width and volume also makes it a good choice for people looking for small wave surfboards. It is designed for having fun. The Sea Gypsy is perfect for new riders looking to step up or for big guy surfers. It can also be a great addition to intermediate and stylish surfers drawing retro lines and hunting tubes.

Please Note: Coloured tint is not included. Please select at step 5. See more


The Mini Twin 2 is designed to be surfed 2” shorter than the Mini Twin as it features a wider outline and more thickness throughout. This retro-inspired surfboard is super fun and perfect for surfing in small waves. The twin fin surfboard also has a wide but shallow swallow tail and 2 speed channels in between the fins for added control and liveliness in summer size waves.

Free artwork included, select your inlay or resin tint in Step 5

See more

Space Hawk
Joel Fitzgerald

The Space Hawk Twin Fin has arrived. Joel Fitzgerald worked with surfer/artist Ozzie Wright to create this outrageously fun twin fin surfboard.

The Space Hawk has a little extra foam through the nose to pick up waves fast and is designed with a pulled in swallow tail and wing, to give you control while carving in and around the face of the wave at high-speed.

This versatile, all-around, retro surfboard for the everyday surfer can't wait to slaughter small waves all summer long.

Please Note: Artwork is not included. Please select below at step 5 See more

Ruff Seas
MH Surfboards

Ruff Seas is the new model designed by Chris “Chippa” Wilson. This model is shaped shorter than your usual performance board. Tired of changing boards for every different condition, Chippa wanted a board combining many of his boards in one. Ruff Seas fits for barrels, airs and turns. See more


The Black Vulture has been designed as a smaller wave board or something to ride when you're looking for extra paddle power, stability and forgiveness. It's fast down the line and will work well on your local point break and nice clean beach breaks. See more

39 items found
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