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Surfboard Repair Kits

Dings are pretty unavoidable when it comes to the surf and a small crack in your board can quickly turn into a one-way trip to surfboard heaven. Luckily with the right surfboard repair kit, avoiding the ding-doctor can be easy. While the age-old surfer solution of some duct tape and wax served its time, slightly more advanced repair kits can be just as inexpensive, easy to use and will have a crack or ding repaired in a few minutes. Best tip? Use a resin made from the same material as the board. Use an Epoxy resin on a foam board and you’ll be watching it disintegrate in front of you. If you're after something simple, a solar activated epoxy can be used straight from the tube, gel within seconds and cure after a few minutes exposed to the sun. Ding tape or ding dough will also work a treat for small damage repair. For something a bit more detailed, a standard repair kit comes with everything you need and more as well as some handy instructions.
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