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Surf Accessory Brands

View our leading Surf Brands to find the best surf products and Surf Accessories for your surfing needs. Be prepared for the best sessions with Zogs Sex Wax, avoid irritation and surf comfortably with Creatures Leg Ropes or get the most out of your surfboard with optimum drive and response from a set of Shapers Surfboard Fins.

    • 3DFINS
    • 3D Fins use dimple technology that reduces drag while improving drive and lift.
    • AstroDeck Traction
    • AstroDeck Grips and Tailpads by the Fletcher Family bring together style and performance giving you a great feeling of control on your sled.
    • Channel Islands
    • Channel Islands Surf Accessories continue to push the boundaries of design, technology and materials to bring you a range of surf products that will help progress your surfing.
    • Creatures Of Leisure
    • Creatures have been established for over a quarter of a century, striving to meld the lessons of our experience with cutting edge materials and designs to create highly functional, premium quality surfing accessories that are built to last.
    • Dakine
    • Dakine has been manufacturing surfing equipment since 1979, being founded in Haiku, Maui Hawaii. They have a large range of quality products, from surfboard tailpads, legropes to board bags, travel packs and much more.
    • Far King Surf
    • Far King Surf Accessories are some of the highest quality leg ropes, waxes, traction pads and board bags for your surfboard. Far King Surf Brand combines quality, with style and performance.
    • Futures Fins
    • Future Fins began in a garage in California in 1996. Backed by industry leaders with over 50 years of surfboard building experience, the Longo brothers were able to use their engineering backgrounds to create products involving something they were passionate about, Surfing. Since we are a family owned business we are much more concerned with impressing you, the board-rider, than any board member.
    • Ghost Racks
    • Ghost Racks is a revolutionary, transparent racking system that showcases surfboards and other boards without interfering with their display.
    • Gorilla Surf
    • Gorilla is a fun, exciting brand that wants to bring the fun to surfing while still creating high performance surf accessories that utilize some of the most up to date technologies and materials within their construction process.
    • On A Mission
    • On A Mission was founded by a group of world class surfers including Taylor Knox, Shane Dorian, Ross Williams and the Malloy Brothers. The goal was to create world class surfing accessories that would not only stand the test of competitive surfing but push the boundaries of their free surfing adventures.
    • Scarfini Fins
    • Every Scrafini Fin has been hand made with ultimate precision and care, Scarfini DOES NOT mass manufacture their fins in China. All Scarfini Surfboard Fins are not manufactured in China, every fin is handmade using premium materials and ultimate precision. Scarfini Fins all get refined and developed with their world class surf team in all ocean conditions to ensure they provide the best performance for progressive surfing.
    • Sex Wax
    • Sex Wax surfboard wax is known among surfers as one of the best surf wax products on the market. Try it for its world famous long life grip and extra stickiness.
    • Shapers
    • Shapers has been established for over 20 years has been the at the forefront of product development for surfboard manufacturing. Arming Shapers around the world with the Tools, Materials and Surf Hardware to make the highest level of performance surfboards possible.
    • Spank Monkey
    • Spank Monkey Surfboard Wax is a proudly Australian made product that is known to be long lasting and extra sticky.
    • West Wetsuits
    • Established in 1982 West wetsuits have grown to become known for their technically advanced, premium quality wetsuit range throughout the surfing world.