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Cowabunga Cord Leash for GoPro

Product Details:
The Blue features Cowabunga Cord Leash for GoPro by Dummy Mount means you will never lose your video recorder in the surf again. Instructions for attaching the cord:

1) Detach the Clasp.
2) Place the loop of the smaller end of the leash between the connection of your GoPro Housing and the Dummy Mount. Make sure the leash sticks out from behind the camera.
3) Connect the Dummy Mount to the GoPro housing and tighten the screw.
4) Cinch the Bungee to your bicep and make sure its tight. Or Loop the twine to the zipper of your wetsuit. Or use the Velcro to attach to an existing key loop or strap on your wetsuit or board shorts. Or experiment yourself and find the best way for you!!
Get two leashes so you can easily pass off and share your GoPro!
It's the most versatile leash system for your GoPro. Featuring a variety of ways to secure your camera to make sure you don't lose it! Loop the Bungee to just about anything, connect the yellow loop between your GoPro housing and the mount. The sandwich Velcro easily connects like a surf leash! Use the clasp to release your camera and easily GoPro toss to your friends!

(Cowabunga Cords shown with GoPro Hero 3 Plus Camera's and Dummy Mounts... Not Included!)
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