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The Chippa Wilson Collection

Chippa Wilson is undoubtably one of the most radical surfers of today, best known for his acrobatics above the lip and his heavy carves. But what is the gear that get's him there? Look no further.

We are stoked to have the entire Chippa set-up available in-store so we thought we may as well throw it all together for you. Chippa is loyal to his long time shaper Matt Hurworth together they have seemingly mastered the perfect weapon for progressive surfing The Ruff Seas.

Chippa's signature grip comes from the Octopus is real, a company he co-founded with fellow shred lords Dion Agius and Nate Tyler back in 2015. Chippa is far from the conventional surfer and as seen in his latest clip with Octopus he is riding a Twin + stabiliser (small rear fin) set up that himself and Neal Purchase Jnr designed with Captain Fin Co. Check out the entire Chippa Wilson collection below.

25/10/2018 1:48 pm

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