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Pama Davies in Dabble

by Tommy Barrels on September 12, 2017

While the soft summer waves we love to hate are only a few months off. Seeing footage come out now of guys ripping on twin fins and summer style boards reminds us what fun we are install for. Rusty’s latest clip of Pama Davies shows his insane skill set in everything from South Oz slab navigation, punchy beach break wedges right through to riffling Fijian reef pass tunnels. It’s hard for most surfers to transition across all wave styles this effortlessly but Pama does it on The Model 8, Traveler and Twin Fin boards by Rusty in effortless style. Check the clip below to see what we are talking about.

So what boards is he riding? Well starting with the Model 8 as the thruster he rides for the majority of the clip. Being a high performance model, and a progressive version of the Sista Brotha you can see how the moderate rocker helps him fit into those steep South Oz slabs and Fijian tunnels. Having this much rocker in a board is great if you’re after something to help you commit to steeper take offs and generate easy speed. The two other key features of the model 8 is the pulled in tail and the foam pushed out to the rails. The pulled in tail helps for control in bigger waves and the rails however have the extra foam kicked out a fraction to help throw buckets. For a high performance board, it really lends itself to being a great all rounder yet keeping you on your toes in progression.

The Traveler is just like the name says. The board to bring when the waves go big and hollow, but need some push to get into them. If you skip through to 2:20 you can see it in action. The round pin allows for speed and control while the medium rocker lets him slide into the curve of the wave with ease. You can’t say much else on step up boards other than they are as essential in your quiver as your everyday board.. if you want to charge!

The Twin Fin however, is a newer model developed by Josh Kerr. The cool thing about this new model is the homage to the 70’s and 80’s templates developed with Shaun Tomson back in the day. The outline is similar to those times, but this is where the modern twist is thrown in for good measure. Refined concave’s with a shallow single moving into double between the fins before a vee that feeds the tail. It’s full rails help it to work with the concave’s for smooth rail to rail transition. The hard wing in the tail helps for effortless pivot while the modern performance rail line lets it ride like a performance board without the limitations of a twin fin. Just watch the airs he pulls on this thing and you’ll understand what we are talking about. For a board that can be ridden anywhere from waist to 1.5x overhead, you don’t need much more convincing than what it is capable of in this clip.


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