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The Cornice by Firewire

The Cornice from Firewire Surfboards on Vimeo.

What if there was a board out there that made surfing easier?

What if you could learn to surf better in a shorter time frame? What if the perspective of surfboard design was changed forever? Well that's exactly what Firewire may have just done with their newest model "The Cornice".

Board design is changing. Each year companies seem to be bringing out shorter, wider boards and the Cornice seems to be a drastic step in that direction. This board pushes the boundaries of traditional surfboard shape and opens the eyes of surfers around the globe looking for something different or something more that they don't seem to be getting out of their standard shortboard.

The Cornice has been more than 2 years in development and definitely does not follow the path of conventional surfboard shape. Firewire have been working closely with Trinity Technologies, a company that creates designs for wind turbine blades.

Combining the knowledge that Trinity has gathered over the years, with unique computer programming systems used to observe how blades perform in different conditions, they were able to translate that information into the design of this board.

I don't think any board companies have worked so closely with engineering experts on the design of a surfboard! After months of working closely with the team at Trinity, Firewire were convinced that the adventurous design of the Cornice would offer significant advantages to performance.

This new Firewire model claims to create a feel of complete control when putting it on rail and performing radical turns. Firewire also outline that the design creates minimal friction while riding along the wave face, which in turn generates a lot of extra speed for the rider. The Cornice has most of it's volume in the rear of the board rather than the centre which increases speed while the reduced width in the centre of the board allows the rider to put it on rail easier through turns.

The Cornice is being released to the public early this year and I'm sure there will be many other weird and whacky designs that will slowly begin to emerge following it's release.

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13/01/2015 6:31 pm