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The Grovel Guide

by Tommy Barrels on September 19, 2017

Time to dust off those short, stubby summer wave slayers, the attack of the fat and average summer swells is here! While most brands have their go to grovelers, we decided to pull together 4 new board models you will want to get your hands on.

A punchy little ripper new to the Stacey Surfboards range. The Wave Slave will rip everything from soft burger beachies, wedgie rip bowls to small fun points. Like most small wave assault sleds, it features a stubby outline, wide tail for stability and a single concave. However the entry rocker has been extended down to the mid section and the exit rocker has been kept low. Now usually this is the part where we talk about how it kills fat sections, and it does don’t you worry. But say for instance, you’ve been having a ball on this all summer and the waves turn on, yet you don’t want to ride your normal board. No problem, what’s handy to this little number is its versatility in waves up to 4ft. This is because it carries more volume than most small wave boards, but it still maintains its performance from the rocker and pulled in tail. This means you can ride it true to volume or go slightly bigger in volume if you’re after a higher volume performance board. The incredibly user friendly nature of the Wave Slave will add some kick to your quiver this summer! Check out their promotional video below.

Not to be confused with the decadent fried doughy pastry, the Churro by Chilli is a little beast with hidden talent. Designed for small waves under the guidance of Mitch Coleborn, it features a wide outline without being too wide, maintaining its performance orientation. Being a performance style board it’s surprising how much paddle power is gained from the gentle rocker outline. It has just the right amount of lift to help propel through fatter sections allowing it to fit into the curve of the wave for aggressively attacking the lip. One unique feature in this model is the thick tail block. Normally in performance style boards, the tails are foiled out and kept nice and thin for response. However the Churros thick tail helps create stability needed in summer conditions. If you’re chasing a summer board without having it look like a summer board, you’re in luck!

The DHD XRS is one summer vehicle that will be the envy of everyone in the water. The fuller nose is complimented by a wider middle and thick tail block to help get through the flat sections. The best part is the low to flat rocker and deep single to double concaves. These are key to have when looking for a summer style groveler. Fortunately, the XRS has both which will help you excel across soft fat sections while maintaining speed to execute those tight turns you dream of in the summer.

Last but not least, and a new release too. The JS Industries Psycho Nitro Hyfi makes one lively and fun board. The unique design to place the extra foam under your chest, acts as the axis for the flat continuous rocker. What this means is that where your front foot lands, it is right on the gas pedal for easy acceleration when up and riding. The inclusion of fuller rails helps to avoid catching in less through turns, yet they are not too fat like a traditional groveler. What’s cool is how the tail is pulled in so it separates the thickness in the centre. By doing this it allows you to go rail-to-rail freely in average waves that your everyday performance board won’t allow you’re to do. Whilst you can still get the Psycho Nitro in PU the inclusion of Hyfi allows for added flex and pop which is perfect for summer softness.


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