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Apparition Single Fin / Thruster Surfboard Display

Ghost Racks

(2 Pieces) The Apparition Single Fin / Thuster is a Ghost Rack for displaying your boards in portrait. This model is our specialised portrait-mounted Ghost Rack suitable for any wall surface.

The rack is supported by a two piece bracket system including a single fin bracket and an adjustable sliding nose bracket. The Apparition Single Fin / Thruster allows for a quick change-up of board display if desired.


  • Laser cut 10mm clear ghost acrylic 
  • Diamond cut high polish edges 
  • Single piece robust brackets 
  • Two piece bracket system for single fin & thruster 
  • One size fits all lengths determined on mounting 
  • Invisibly supports board by fin and nose 
  • Portrait display options nose up or down 
  • Supports board designs single fin, thruster, malibu 
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware supplied 
  • Nose bracket slides up and down with key hole slots to enable board access;


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