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Twin Fins

Twin Fins have been around much longer than you think. Dating back as far as mid to late 1940's with Bob Simmons' experimentations into planning hulls and utilising parallel twin keels to help trim along the face of a wave with more projection and control instead of controlled drag. Since then, the twin fin has gone through many variations making their biggest impact in the late 70's when Australian Surfing Icon Mark Richards, also known as "MR", started dominating professional surfing with his re-invented twin fin design. From 1977 to 1981 Twin Fins were the pinnacle of performance surfing design.

Keel Twin Fins have a large surface area with a bigger base and less depth, which creates speed, drive and stability. This style of fin is perfect for classic drivey surfing with drawn out turns. They are mostly used in traditional fish boards and mini simmons, basically any board with a very wide tail.

Upright Twin Fins have less surface area with a smaller base and more depth. They provide more manouverabilty and pivot. This style of twin fins have a loose feel, however, they can also be ridden with an optional trailer for added stability and control.

As a lot of things these days, the classic becomes popular once again. Twin fins are definitely trending and we think everyone should have one in their quiver. 

Style masters such as Rob Machado, Dave Rastovich and Asher Pacey have recently been showcasing amazing twin fin surfing.

Check out the most popular signature twin fins such as FCSII - Rob Machado, Futures - Dave Rastovich, Shapers - Asher Pacey and Captain Fin Co - Chippa x NPJ models.

Read our Surfboard Fins Guide, chat live, or leave an enquiry for advice on choosing the right surfboard fins.

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