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SurfEars are specialised earplugs designed for surfers that let sound in and keep water out, protecting against surfer's ear (exostosis). They can be customised to fit your ears securely using the different sizes of changeable parts that are included. Many swimmers, kayakers, and divers also use these earplugs to protect their ears from long term damage, thanks to SurfEars comfortability and secure fit.

Check out the popular SurfEars 3.0 for the latest and greatest in surfer ear protection to keep you in the lineup longer.

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Started in 2011, SurfEars has spent endless hours and numerous iterations to come up with the best ear plugs for surfing. The SurfEars production team consists of dedicated surfers, engineers and product designers who all share the same passion for water sports.

Cold water surfers and SurfEars founder Christian Dittrich would suffer from temporary deafness and painful ear infections following long surfing sessions. He knew there must be a better solution out there as the existing ear plugs on the market were not working and exostosis, Surfer's Ear, was starting to set. The idea was born and has now been a leader in the surf ear plugs market with their latest version, SurfEars 3.0.