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Vissla is a premium manufacturer and designer of innovative, eco-conscious wetsuits and apparel for men and boys. Started by veteran surfer Paul Naude, Vissla supports the creators and innovators, embracing creative freedom and craftsmanship. This creativity and focus on craftsmanship is evident throughout their product collections. Vissla is always working to develop better products, not just for surfers but for the environment as they use a variety of sustainable materials.

Today, Vissla has become a recognised name for eco-friendly, high performance, and high-quality surf wetsuits, surf clothing and accessories for men and youth. The popular Vissla wetsuits use limestone-based neoprene which is surprisingly warm and comfortable compared to traditional suits on the market today. If you're looking for female wetsuits and surf apparel, check out Vissla's Sisstr brand, Sisstrevolution.

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AUS Location: Miami, Queensland.

USA Location: Aliso Viejo, California.

Vissla is a manufacturer and designer of forward thinking, eco-conscious surfing wetsuits, surf clothing and apparel for men and boys and continues to be a strong advocate for developing environmentally friendly products, using a variety of sustainable materials and partnering with green ambassadors.

Born from the collective minds of surf innovators, the company set out to create surfing apparel that's not only functional but also competitively priced for the everyday surfer. High on the list of their must-have surf clothing is their popular line of wetsuits that use limestone-based neoprene which offers maximum warmth and comfort.

We're big fans of the Vissla brand and their product collections. With five star gear reviews from the Boardcave community, it's no wonder the are a popular choice for premium rubber and surf apparel at Boardcave.