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Surfboard Bags

View our range of Surfboard Bags to protect your board from day to day use and surf travel. Make sure you have a reliable and secure Surf Travel Bag for your surf trips that will safely transport all of your boards. Browse through our Day Use board bags and stretch socks to protect your board from minor cracks and dings from day to day use.

Review our Surfboard Bag Guide for more info and tips on what to look out for when buying a board bag or if you're looking for more info on board socks, check out Ultimate Guide to Surfboard Socks.

Be sure to check out the popular and durable board covers and boardbags from Creatures of Leisure, FCS, FK Surf, RYD Surfboard Bags.

Check out the new collection of canvas surfboard covers from Boardsox and the wide variety of travel and day use boardbags from Quiksilver.

Don't risk damaged boards on your next surf trip!

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