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FK Surf

For a range of high quality and high performance surf accessories and surf hardware products, look no further than FK Surf. With a range of surfboard traction pads, key safe, surfboard leg ropes and surfboard bags, FK provides a range of products optimised to get you more waves.

Concentrating on research, development and a passion for surfing, FarKing puts all of their equipment through rigorous testing in surf conditions in the water to ensure the entire range is ready for all conditions. With over 20 years of development and research into manufacturing and design, Far King surf accessories are some of the most respected and trusted around the world while still being an affordable option.

Check out the range of FK Surf products below or shop our full range of Surf Accessories and get yourself ready to get more waves.

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  1. FK Surf
  1. Unisex
Age Group
  1. Adult
Bag Length (ft)
Board Cover
  1. Day Use
  2. Stretch
  3. Travel
Leg Rope Colour
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Clear
  4. Green
  5. Red
Grip Colour
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Grey
  4. Green
  5. Navy
  6. Red
  7. White
  1. 9'0" (2.75m)
  2. 12'0" (3.65m)
  3. 15'5" (4.75m)
  1. Black
Leg Rope Length (ft)
  1. 6'
  2. 7'
  3. 8'
Wax Temperature
  1. Warm
Grip Pieces
  1. 2 Piece
  2. 3 Piece

FK Surf

FK Brand Ambassadors: Wade Carmichael, Liam Obrien, and Mikala Jones

FK Surf is a premium manufacturer of high-quality and innovative surfing accessories. Originally known as Far King, FK's accessories are designed to be the best. Their products are the result of countless hours of research and testing by some of the world’s leading surfers. These include popular surfers Wade Carmichael, Liam Obrien, and Mikala Jones who have been instrumental in their continuous development efforts.

Designed by surfers for surfers, FK Surf’s line of waxes, traction pads, legropes/leashes, and board covers offers exceptional performance without the premium price of corporate brands.