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The pages below have been created as quick links to help you find the information needed to select and customise the right surfboards and surf hardware for your surfing needs. Surfboards are unique to each individual and finding the right surfboard is important to ensure you are advancing quickly and catching the most waves possible. Why spend money on a surfboard that is not right for you and waste hours of time in the water on the wrong board? At Boardcave, we specialise in connecting surfers with the right surfboard models from the right surfboard shapers to simply make you surf better. If you cannot find the information you need please Contact Us or use the LIVE CHAT to speak with one of our expert customer services representatives.

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We also have a number of boards that have recently been clicked on, viewed and purchased more than others. See the current Most popular board models on Boardcave right now.

For more info on submitting content ideas, check out our Contributors page or view some examples on The Surfers Corner.

U.S.A. and Brazil Information
For information on ordering custom surfboards and hardware online in the USA and Brazil, check out our Boardcave USA Information Page and our Boardcave Brazil Information Page