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Step Up Surfboards are quite literally the step up from your regular performance shortboard. Step Up Shortboards are popular for people going on surf trips especially to destinations like Indonesia where you may encounter larger waves. The attributes of a Step Up are easily identifiable, they will always be ridden with extra length and often feature a more forward wide-point to increase paddle power when its crucial to make an early entry or drop in to a fast hollow wave. The tail end of step ups are commonly pulled in and rounded, designed to provide maximum control and surface hold on the wave. Pintails perform well in bigger surf, where control is important. Finding the right board for a surf trip has never been easier with the vast selection on offer today.

See our large range of Step Up Surfboards below from our leading surfboard shapers, helping you get prepared for whatever the ocean throws at you. Last thing you want to be thinking when sitting out the back in pumping waves is Am I Surfing the Wrong Board?. There is nothing worse than watching your mates get the session of their life because you don't have the right equipment for when the surf gets bigger.

Popular Step Up Surfboards
Sabotaj by Lost Surfboards
Mick Fanning Duck Nuts by DHD Surfboards
Mick Fanning Sweet Spot by DHD Surfboards
Ghost by Pyzel Surfboards
Hypto Krypto Step Up by Haydenshapes
Shoe by Emery Surfboards

Browse through our leading shapers below to view their bigger wave surfboards or use our Patent Pending Board Engine (above) to find the perfect surfboard board model and size for your surfing needs. Customise and order your big wave surfboard directly with our leading shapers on today or Chat Live with one of our experienced customer service team.

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