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Stretch Surfboards

Stretch Surfboards is a brand synonymous with progressive wave-riding and hand-crafted custom made sleds. They first originated in Santa Cruz, California. These stylish and progressive boards use some of the world's best constructions and designs to deliver an end result aimed at maximising your wave count and joy of surfing including the use of deck channels known as "Sk8 decks" to really spice up your surfing.

With domesticated, Australian sizes, surfing anything from big wavers like the Gun, Semi Gun, and Buzz Gun, to small wave grovellers like the G Buzz and Mr Buzz, there is a Stretch Surfboard in the range for your needs. Some everyday options in the range include the Super Buzz, and the Quad Fish, while more performance-based boards like the Sword, the Skate and the Buzzsaw will get the better surfers going when the waves really turn on.
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