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SMTH Shapes

SMTH Shapes is founded by World Championship Tour surfer Jordy Smith and his father Graham Smith. After spending years surfing and contributing to the development of models with some of the best shapers in the world, Jordy has gone back to his roots to collaborate with his father. Graham has decades of shaping experience that dates back to surfings heritage days. This deep rooted knowledge combined with Jordy's constant R&D makes them the perfect duo to create intelligent surfboard design. If you’ve ever seen “Stab in the Dark” with Jordy Smith you’ll know he’s a harsh critic and therefore all SMTH Shapes models must work well.

At SMTH shapes, they aim for quality and performance, utilising the latest shaping technologies to produce boards that not only work for the elite but the everyday surfer wanting to surf their best. With various shapes and styles from high performance boards like the Maytrix to all rounders like Humanoid and BigRig or retro styles like the Goldfish or Twin Trailer, you're going to find something to suit you.
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SMTH Shapes

Jordy & Graham Smith

What we all might not know about Jordy Smith is that he basically grew up in his fathers shaping bay. As grom Jordy showed a keen interest in surfboard design, playing a roll in the shaping process of his boards since he was 7. This kind of background in board design has allowed him to pin point the attributes of a surfboard he wants to tweak with a deeper understanding of the outcome.

For his size Jordy makes the impossible seem possible, always putting in the work to match the progressive manoeuvres of the lighter guys. One of the key components of this effort is making sure he's on the best equipment possible. After spending years helping other brands refine their designs, Jordys efforts are now entirely focussed on his collaboration in SMTH.