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Small Wave / Performance

Small Wave Performance boards are a must-have of the quiver if you want to make the most out of small conditions. They are often labeled as summer boards due to the correlation between average surf and summer in Australia. Small Wave Performance surfboards are short stocky hybrids of their refined High Performance brothers. The main difference is that these boards pack a lot of volume which gives you the edge on any surfer who paddles out on their standard shortboard. A category that is worth looking at if your after a small wave board is Retro / Classic, these boards usually go great in small waves but provide a more classical feel to surfing that every surfer should experience, with a selection of Single and Twin Fins that are as much a work of art as they are a board to ride.

Popular Small Wave Performers include the updated Lost - Puddle Jumper HP and the more alternate Misfit - Sk8ey 2.0 to name a few.
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