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Wetsuits are designed to protect you from the wind and cold while you're surfing, maximising comfort in colder conditions and allowing you to surf for longer. View our range of surfing wetsuits below, ranging from Steamers, Spring suits, Long Johns/Janes and Wetsuit Tops & Rashies to find the one that's most suitable to the conditions you will be surfing in.

You can also shop our range of Kids Wetsuits and Womens Wetsuits or check out the range of Wetsuit Accessories including hoods, gloves and booties for those extra cold water surfing sessions.

Brands like Vissla and Sisstrevolution have popular collections of Full Suit Steamers and Spring Suits that offer various cuts to fit different body shapes in a selection of thickness's to cover all bases for both adults and kids. With brand ambassadors like Eric Geiselman and Lakey Peterson, you know your surf wetsuit will have the perfect mix of warmth and manoeuvrability when surfing.

Check out our range of new women's surf wetsuits from WALLIEN and Australian brands Atmosea. New wetsuits are now available from Inner Relm and ATTICA.

Having trouble finding the right wetsuit? Check out our recommendations at Boardcave's Best Wetsuits for Surfing to find out what to look for in a wet suit and which ones perform best.

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