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Surfboard Straps

To transport your surfboards safely and securely, you need a durable set of Surfboard Straps to stop your boards from moving around or worse, falling off the roof of your car while driving. We have tried and tested many surfboard straps for roof racks to ensure we meet the needs for all types of boards, with durability, price, security and ease of use being considered.
If you're taking your surfboards on a trip, we always suggest you look into our selection of lockable surfboard straps. This will avoid having to take your boards off the roof racks and finding somewhere safe to store them when you leave your car. Having a durable set of surfboard roof straps will keep your boards safe from the elements including wind, rain, and sun. Pro Tip: Taking a longer set of surfboard tie downs on surf trips can make travel a lot easier when you need to get a taxi to the airport. This has saved us many times overseas when travelling between spots.

We also recommended that you transport your surfboards in a protective surfboard bag if you plan on going a significant distance, especially during the warmer months in Australia. Heat is your surfboards worst enemy and leaving a board in the sun will delaminate the fibreglass. Using straps and a good surfboard bag can protect your board from the damaging effects of UV rays. See our how to take care of a surfboard guide for more information on how the sun and heat can damage your board. We often see surfers who strap their board the wrong way on their roof with the nose pointing up, resulting in extra drag that at high speed can also damage your board. Remember to always strap your boards down with the fins up in the air to reduce drag. For other handy accessories for surfers, check out our Surfboard Bike Racks that make it easier to transport your board to the beach or our surfboard storage solutions with our range of Surfboard Racks.

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