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FCS has been a true leader in surf innovation. They made their mark as one of the original removable surfboard fin systems that revolutionised modern day surfing, providing surfers with the ability to adjust their drive and manoeuvrability to suit the conditions. Today, FCS has grown to be a leader in not only fins, but a wide range of surf accessories such as leg ropes, traction pads, board bags and now wax.

FCS works closely with top surfers such as Mick Fanning, Filipe Toledo, Julian Wilson, and Sally Fitzgibbons to provide innovative products that continue to push the boundaries of surfing. A couple examples of these recent innovations include the FCS II H-fins and the FCS Freedom Leash.

Check out the full range of FCS surf accessories below including the popular signature traction pads, FCS II Reactor & Performer tri fins and the board bags.
Bag Length (ft)
Board Cover
Boardbag Board Type
Boardbag Colour
Fin Layout
Fin System
Single Fin Length
Fin Size
Fin Colour
Fin Construction
Leg Rope Length (ft)
Leg Rope Colour
Grip Placement
Grip Pieces
Grip Colour
Wax Temperature

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