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Key Lock Box

View our tried and tested range of Key Lock Box products, we've selected our top brands and models of car key safes that can also be used for keeping your keys safe outdoors, while camping or travelling on road trips and need yours keys back at home base. We have the largest car key safe range in Australia, including padlock key safes with a range of practical features to meet your needs. Some include a light for easy access at night, others include a durable cable to make it easy to lock your keys around any object, like the wheel of your car or caravan. Our surf key lock box options are made from durable and protected steel by the leading key safe brands.

Key Safe Tips

Remember when selecting a key lock, remember to ensure you pick the right size lock to fit your keys. It's sometimes easier to just use one key or the small key that comes out of your car fob if using your key lock box when parking and going surfing

If you have keyless entry or a proximity key for your car, we recommend getting a signal blocking pouch, also known as a RFID pouch. These will give you reassurance that the signal for your wireless entry will be blocked. That way you can leave your car key fob in the car, lock your door and leave the small key in your key safe lock box. Some locks will include a small puch or you can shop these separately below.

See our surf accessory and tool range for other practical products to make it easier to head of on your next adventure.

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