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Haydenshapes is a leading Australian Surfboard brand hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, now sold globally in over 72 countries worldwide. Founder Hayden Cox, the man behind FutureFlex Technology has always kept surfboard innovation and design as his core focus. The result is a development of ground breaking new shapes and technologies which challenge traditional approaches within the surf industry. The Haydenshapes surfboard range includes a collection of versatile performance surfboard models to meet the needs of any surfer. Hayden his well known for his shapes like the Hypto Krypto, the performance focused variant The Holy Grail and Misc.

Hayden's creative flare and innovative design has taken him to the top of the game with some of the best free surfers in the world riding Haydenshapes. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.

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BRAND / Haydenshapes PROFILE

Haydenshapes Surfboards

Team riders & Ambassadors: Craig Anderson, Nate Tyler, Dion Agius, Dylan Graves, Jake Kelley, Micky Clark, Shama Beckford

Shaping Since: 1997

Haydenshapes FutureFlex combines high-grade materials with a Parabolic Carbon Fibre Frame for extra speed and drive with a natural flex pattern developed to flow with the wave. The carbon fibre frame offers extra strength while the EPS core is very light, resulting in a very lively responsive board. Hayden is recognised for his fresh take on board design and innovation and has been profiled by the likes of Forbes Magazine, GQ, SMH and leading surf publications around the world.