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Wetsuit Jackets

With Boardcave's huge range of Wetsuit Jackets, you can stay weatherproof and out in the water for longer.

Wetsuit jackets come in a variety of thicknesses and cuts to suit different conditions and body shapes, and are made using the best neoprene materials and technology. They're best suited to warmer climates, with neoprene construction that is generally thinner than spring suits and full body wetsuits, giving you excellent flexibility for paddling or swimming. They provide more warmth than a rash vest or wetsuit vest and provide protection from the wind as well. Easy to throw on with a pair of boardshorts, wetsuit bottoms, over your swimsuit, or over a springsuit, wetsuit jackets are a versatile addition to your essential gear collection.

Choose from short sleeve or long sleeve, with a range of options for men, women and kids.

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