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Traction Pads

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View our Surfboard Traction Pads below to find the best Tail Pads and Front Deck Pads to match your surfboard. Surfboard Tail Pads are essential for high-performance surfing, offering extra grip to drive through turns and launch off lips. These grip pads help you feel the sweet spot over your fins to make sure you get the most out of your turns. Check out our guide on Selecting the Right Tail Pad to ensure you get the right one.

Select from our large range of traction pads from leading brands like Creatures of Leisure, FCS, Far King and Modom.

Looking for something different? Check out our new surfboard traction pads from Octopus and Gorilla Grip.

If you need help selecting the right traction pad, review our Ultimate Surfboard Traction Guide or LIVE CHAT with an expert.
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  1. Astro Deck
  2. Creatures of Leisure
  3. Far King
  4. FCS
  5. Firewire
  6. Futures
  7. Gorilla
  8. Modom Surf
  9. Octopus
  10. RYD
  11. Shapers
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