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Rusty Surfboards

The iconic Rusty Surfboards is known around the world as one of the great authorities in surfing. Believing in surfboards that feel alive, quality shaping and the continuing advancement of the sport of surfing. The Rusty Surfboard brand has always been seen as one of the most influential surf brands. Rusty boasts long established ties to Australia as far back as a trip by founder Rusty Preisendorfer in the mid 70's which included meeting with and shaping boards for legends Peter Townend, Rabbit Bartholomew and later Mark Occhilupo.

The iconic surf brand has been at the forefront of design, durability and surfboard evolution for decades introducing new epoxy constructions like the "Black Diamond". Popular models include the high performance Rusty Model 8, the hybrid Rusty Smoothie, Rusty Twin Fin and The Blade. Check out the range of custom & stock Rusty Surfboards below.

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BRAND / Rusty Surfboards PROFILE

Rusty Surfboards

One of the foremost authority on surfing is the recognisable Rusty Surfboards, which is well-known worldwide for their belief in great shaping, alive-feeling surfboards, and the ongoing advancement of surfing.

By the middle of the 1980s, the iconic Rusty logo had taken on a life of its own thanks to the additions of Dave Parmenter and a young Mark Occhilupo. In 1985 Rusty Surfboards was founded.

Rusty quickly became the most sought-after shaper and was being used by more than half of the top surfers in the world. Since then, Rusty Surfboards has expanded into one of the largest brands in surfing.

See more of what Rusty has to say in the Talk to Your Shaper video, below: