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Shortboard / Performance

If you are looking for High Performance Surfboards, you have come to the right place. High Performance Boards come in a range of styles to suit different waves. In this category you will find boards that are suitable for experienced surfers or intermediate surfers looking to advance their skill level. Click Small Wave / Performance if your still looking for a performance board but are going to be shredding in smaller waves. Another category of high performance is Step Up Shortboards visit this link if you are taking on some heavy swell or packing your bags for Indo. If you're charging even harder visit the Big Wave / Gun category. Super refined high performance surfboards aren't for everyone a lot of surfers these days prefer to surf Hybrid / All Rounder surfboards which are built to perform but also to be more forgiving and to have a touch more paddle power, suitable for the surfer looking for the one board quiver.

Popular performance shortboard models include the DHD - DNA rode by legend Mick Fanning, the JS - Monsta 8 a favourite among the elite JS industries team and the Sharp Eye - #77 model Filipe Toledo's weapon of choice for pumping waves.

If you're having trouble deciding if a high performance surfboard is for you, review our article High Performance Surfboards: The Pros and Cons.
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