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Surfboard Fins

With so many different Surfboard Fins on the market diverse in shape, materials and technology, it can be hard to decide what fins will suit you best. Surfing with the right sized fin and fin template is essential to optimising your board's performance. Surfing cheap plastic fins is like driving a car with flat tyres; you’re not going to get the most out of your surfboard. On each product page we have outlined and rated the key features to consider when purchasing a new set of surfboard fins, ensuring you can easily compare and choose between Twin Fins, Thruster Fins, Quad Fins, Five Fins and Quad Trailer Fins to find the perfect match for your surfing style and preferences. These key features include Drive, Flex, Release and Pivot which are directly affected by factors such as Rake, Foil, Base, Depth and Flex. Delve into our wide range of surfboard fin brands to discover even more options and innovations, allowing you to customize your setup and elevate your surfing performance to new levels. For more information visit our Boardcave Surfboard Fin Guide or get in touch via live chat for a personal fin recommendation.

Be sure to view the latest range of FCS Fins and Futures Fins. These two brands have set the benchmark for high performance fins in all conditions. Each brand offers a wide range of fin constructions such as fibreglass, honeycomb, techflex, blackstix, performance glass and more. FCS and Futures are by far the most commonly used fin boxes by all surfboard brands.

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