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Tim, H (VIC) – October 23rd 2019 Good customer service is becoming rare, Harry hats off to you, and the Boardcave crew. Brilliant customer service and a very genuine way of dealing with questions and even things that don't go quite right, both my end and yours, the recovery from slight problems was outstanding, well done and thanks for helping an old-timer through the process of getting a 21st century board, and eventually fins too.

Sam, C (NSW) – August 8th 2019 The service I received from start to finish was perfect. A really personal experience is a rare thing on the internet.

Grace, C (VIC) – August 7th 2019 Buying a board as a gift is super hard but that team at Boardcave (shout out to Harry!!) made it so easy! Harry guided me through choosing the right board by asking questions that, as a non-surfer, I hadn't even thought of. He truly made the process so easy and even after buying the board, has been a huge help organising delivery! Can't thank Harry and the Boardcave team enough!


Aaron, H (WA) – March 20th 2017 Found it easy to communicate to the guys at Boardcave who helped me out with all my questions. Great experience, this is the second board I have ordered through them.

Warren, A (WA) – March 14th 2017 Fast delivery, well wrapped and great communication. Very happy I used boardcave to purchase and would recommend to others.

Mark, P (NSW) – March 7th 2017 Good service, loved the progress report for the when the board was getting built - good customer experience.

Steve, T (TAS) – March 3rd 2017 3rd board I've purchased through you guys, great communication start to finish. Thanks.

Jack, G (NSW) – February 28th 2017 The customer service was really well. They keep me posted on my board every step of the way. They also have a tops range of surfboards brands and accessories. The ordering process is really easy to do.

Andrew, M (NSW) – February 22nd 2017 Really fast responses, easy and so helpful.

Michael, G (WA) – February 16th 2017 Always great service.. Cheers team

Caleb, P (TAS) – February 10th 2017 Used Boardcave many times, always great customer support and always get notifications of where my new whip is at!

Carl, P (SA) – February 4th 2017 Very easy to deal with.

Craig, M (TAS) – January 31st 2017 The Boardcave team were very helpful the hole way through the process.

Simon, J (VIC) – January 25th 2017 Great. Exciting to have regular updates on the progression of the build.

Brett, A (VIC) – January 18th 2017 My experience with Boardcave started off amazing. Heaps of info was given and I felt awesome dealing with the boys. Over Xmas there was a slight misunderstanding between us with time frame on when the board would arrive which I ended up speaking my concerns, the boys at board cave went above and beyond to make sure everything got cleared up even though it was my fault for not understanding the process. Any board I get in the future I will be using Boardcave and would strongly suggest anyone out there to do the same. You wont be disappointed.

Thomas, J (WA) – January 10th 2017 Always great service!

Rob, C (NSW) – January 5th 2017 Boardcave were really helpful and extremely professional to deal with. Their after sales service is really good. 10/10


Tony, B (NSW) – December 22nd 2016 Fantastic, had a minor problem and Boardcave were unbelievable, I would, and have, recommended Boardcave to everyone.

Timothy, L (VIC) – December 16th 2016 Very helpful. I went through two websites in the end (The USA one to begin with) and I was happy to have been directed to the right location in the end. I love the idea of having a direct connect to a shaper and the people making the boards rather than a factory churning out carbon-copies of the same board to be mass sold to whomever punter walks in the surf shop. Keeps people employed and the skills remain local and continually building. Good result for everyone.

Lee, C (QLD) – December 10th 2016 Easy, quick, informative, I never thought I would buy a board of the net but have to say, Boardcave makes it easy!

Andrew, H (NSW) – December 3rd 2016 Boardcave is great! special thanks to Todd who put up with all of my questions. The delivery times and ease of use were excellent. I'll definitely only use you guys for boards from now on.

Mitchell, T (NSW) – November 29th 2016 Boardcave's service is perfect! Never any glitches or problems and they are always in touch with you through the whole process! I don't buy boards anywhere else!

John, F (TAS) – November 23rd 2016 Have ordered a couple of boards now through Boardcave, this time, as previously, the process ran smoothly and the support from staff were great.

Randal, R (NSW) – November 16th 2016 Oh man, the service has been awesome! The order tracking timeline is great to track the status and keep tabs on the build progress and the coordination and communication was dedicated and helpful at every stage. The shapers are top notch with a ton of rad board options for anyone. Ordering is easy and dependable.

Joe, T (WA) – November 7th 2016 Really good, flawless actually.

Vito, C (NSW) – October 28th 2016 Were really friendly and helped when needed.

Andrew, L (SA) – October 25th 2016 Amazing service, board delivered in time for my Indo trip.

Adam, G (NSW) – October 14th 2016 Customer service and the ordering process was great and easy.

Grahame, M (NSW) – October 9th 2016 Excellent. Best way to buy a new board!

Daniel, S (VIC) – October 2nd 2016 Boardcave were more than helpful in tweaking the dimensions on my Inflatable Mattress model to get it to the size and volume I was after without changing the characteristics of the board. Quick response to all my questions!

Shane, C (NSW) – September 26th 2016 Excellent customer service. Staff were quick to respond to queries, provided helpful advice and I was provided with an update every step of the way. It was great to get email confirmations back from an actual person!

Mark, M (NSW) – September 15th 2016 The ordering process through Boardcave was excellent and so easy. Board arrived in under 4 weeks. Staff were super helpful with great advice, kept you informed every step of the way, and communication was really prompt. What a great service. Well done Boardcave. I cannot see myself buying a board any other way.

Michael, G (WA) – September 9th 2016 Customer service is awesome have recommended Boardcave to a few other fellow surfers.

Bo, F (SA) – September 1st 2016 Easiest custom board site I've used.

Mitchell, Y (NSW) – August 30th 2016 I had no problems. My board was actually made quicker then the first set date. So happy about that!

Justin, F (WA) – August 26th 2016 Great as always. I wanted to add a swallow tail and some extra glass around the fins, and those customisations weren't any problem. Also, the surfboard timeline is awesome!

Lachlan, M (QLD) – August 21st 2016 Easy ordering, fast replies!

Craig, H (QLD) – August 19th 2016 Great service from Boardcave once again! I couldn’t find the board available but it was uploaded for me so I could place my order. This is my third board from the Boardcave, great customer service.

Kain, L (NSW) – August 15th 2016 Excellent customer service and as helpful as you can get. Will be ordering through here again.

Joseph, V (VIC) – August 10th 2016 I can't complement Boardcave and their customer service enough. From my initial enquires through to delivery they were brilliant. Special shout out to Todd Ward who took care of me for the entire process. He even helped get the board shaped and delivered in just over two weeks.

Gary, H (VIC) – August 4th 2016 Great service from start to finish!! I would highly recommend them for your next custom board.

Robert, M (NSW) – July 30th 2016 Excellent service, will come back for the next one!

Chris, W (QLD) – July 25th 2016 Ordering through Boardcave was easy and with such a wide range of board models it definitely beats buying through a store.

Carl, P (SA) – July 21st 2016 Easy to deal with and very helpful.

Jarrad, C (WA) – July 16th 2016 Boardcave have offered exceptional Service to me! Always quick to reply to emails and offer me advice. I have just ordered my 3rd lost board from you, I think that speaks for itself! Thanks again, looking forward to the arrival of my Baby Buggy!

Andrew, T (WA) – July 8th 2016 Everything board cave did was spot on with size advise and the ordering process, have bought a number of boards from them and still very happy with the service.

James O'Driscoll, T (QLD) – June 30th 2016 Very good customer service.

Christopher, T (NSW) – June 26th 2016 Thank you guys the service was great. And my Siamese Palm Viper absolutely rips.

Rodney, K (NSW) – June 20th 2016 Thought I'd drop you a line and say thanks to Boardcave. My JR step cousin arrived in perfect order and I'm very happy and will recommend. Thanks for the good communication and advice, I'll be back! Cheers.

Charlie, G (WA) – June 16th 2016 Excellent service! Great at keeping the customer informed about progress.

Jonathan, R (QLD) – June 12th 2016 Just wanted to follow up and thank you for such great customer service. My board got delivered to Brisbane on the 2nd of June as requested and I was able to take it over to Straddie on Sunday for my holiday. I really appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to help me out. The next time I need a new board I will definitely come back to Boardcave!

Jordan, A (NSW) – June 8th 2016 This is my 3rd order through Boardcave, love the whole process.

Gary, J (WA) – June 1st 2016 Ordering was easy and uncomplicated. Customer service was great and was kept informed as to where my board was throughout the production phase as well as delivery.

Aaron, G (WA) – May 25th 2016 Perfect! Todd gave me the info I needed at the beginning and the whole process to delivery was flawless.

Joel, T (QLD) – May 20th 2016 Great ordering process and customer service. Really happy with the status updates and follow up from the Boardcave team.

Board engine plays it a little safe on recommendations (volume wise) but if you're a slightly experienced surfer you'll have a good idea on what will work for you anyway. Excellent job with packaging and shipping the board. Overall excellent experience!

Joel, B (NSW) – May 11th 2016 No complaints, prompt replies and I'm pleased with the advice I received.

Jesse, P (VIC) – May 2nd 2016 Your customer service is great. I'll be ordering my boards through board cave from now on. Thanks, Jesse

Daniel, J (WA) – April 24th 2016 Excellent and prompt!

Ben, A (VIC) – April 20th 2016 Board engine is good if your not to sure what board or volume to get. Your customer service is brilliant, can't fault it. Had heaps of annoying questions and they were all answered. Being the second time I've ordered I was super confident the whole ordering process. Thanks.

Adam, K (VIC) – April 15th 2016 10 out of 10

Jerome, M (QLD) – April 10th 2016 Handy website, Fast delivery!

Graeme, M (WA) – April 1st 2016 Excellent service all round - highly recommend :)

Caleb, P (TAS) – March 25th 2016 Can't fault Boardcave, won't be the last time I use this site! Great support from order through to delivery.

Steve, T (TAS) – March 15th 2016 Just got my 2nd board though you guys and once again it has arrived in pristine condition. Seamless process with good advice too. Many thanks!

Steve, T (TAS) – March 2nd 2016 Awesome service! Answered all my questions and put loads of Aussie shapers at my fingertips. I'll definitely be using you guys again! Many thanks!

Sukma, B (VIC) – Feb 20th 2016 Great people to deal with, very easy to communicate and got the boards delivered safely.

Dean, W (VIC) – Feb 16th 2016 The whole experience was very easy, great service!

Nicholas, C (QLD) – Feb 10th 2016 Incredibly informative and provided great advice. When there was a hiccup with the design of my board, alternatives were quickly suggested and delivery was prompt.

Andrew, H (NSW) – Feb 3rd 2016 Well organised and great way to buy a new board. I found it easy and very helpful in the step by step process. Customer service is excellent. Thank Boardcave.

Wes, T (NSW) – Jan 29th 2016 Very professional.

Drew, R (NSW) – Jan 20th 2016 Service was excellent, I will be back!!!

Christopher, F (WA) – Jan 13th 2016 Great service, took a while to get here but so does everything in WA!.

Darren, M (WA) – Jan 10th 2016 Boardcave was excellent and answered any of my questions promptly. Great service!

Tony, B (SA) – Jan 2nd 2016 I have never purchased a board through Boardcave before, but the web site and the board I have got is fantastic. CV2 - Swallow Tail, SPC Construction with 5 fin layout and futures fin system, 6'6 x 22 x 3 - 46.1L. I am 6'1 and 92kg. Works fantastic!


Hamish, M (VIC) – Dec 29th 2015 Great service, very happy.

Mischa, K (SA) – Dec 20th 2015 I found the service, communication, follow up and support from the guys at Boardcave was fantastic. Service and advice I got was first class.

Ryan, T (QLD) – Dec 12th 2015 Unreal! The guys at Boardcave helped me make my decision on my board choice a lot easier. You guys put up with all my questions and responded immediately! Thanks.

Darren, G (NSW) – Dec 1st 2015 Great service! The order tracking timeline keeps you informed on the boards progress throughout manufacturing.

Mitchell, T (NSW) – Nov 24th 2015 Excellent service, reliable, safe, informative and keeps you up to date with what's going on with the production of your board.

Daniel, J (WA) – Nov 18th 2015 Boardcave was a great way to order a surfboard with direct contact to the shapers for feedback and input on what you really want and fast service.

Jareth, H (WA) – Nov 10th 2015 Great service, I prefer to hold and feel a board before I order it, but wouldn't hesitate to order another board from Boardcave if I knew what I wanted.

Rodrigo, V (NSW) – Nov 2nd 2015 Boardcave customer service is always great, this is my 3rd board purchased through these guys. Todd always goes the extra mile to assist you, thanks mate!

Scott, T (WA) – Oct 20th 2015 Got my Rasta Torus Twin today, looks amazing!!! Thanks for a great experience buying my board through you guys, will get the next from you too.

David, P (VIC) – Oct 13th 2015 Really nice ordering system you know what is happening through the whole process. Customer service is great staff seem like real people and seem to respect the shaper and want you to enjoy the process. I didn't use the board engine as it popped out options which I knew I wouldn't go for - I ordered the Gary McNeil board that I knew I wanted. I really appreciate the free postage. The board came well packed in heavy duty bubble wrap and cardboard box.

Jake, D (VIC) – Oct 7th 2015 Fantastic website layout with all options available. The quick response and advice given was fantastic in choosing the correct board and size as well as the service provided in assisting in selecting a new spray was second to none. Very happy with service.

Rod, W (NSW) – Oct 1st 2015 Service excellent - good to see progress on web page. Delivery timely.

Kevin, H (WA) – Sep 20th 2015 The staff at Boardcave especially Todd were very helpful and considerate to customer service needs.

Ben, N (QLD) – Sep 15th 2015 10 out of 10 on all levels!

Kayd, D (TAS) – Sep 1st 2015 After a mate suggested you guys, I have to say its been great to deal with Boardcave, my next board will def be through you guys!

Dayne, G (NSW) – Aug 29th 2015 Boardcave provided great service throughout keeping me informed of how the manufacturing process was going even facilitating my last minute changes to the type of fin boxes used.

Matthew, L (TAS) – Aug 29th 2015 Everything was great I liked the tracking tool and board arrived right on time. I will use boardcave again!

Rabin, B (QLD) – Aug 29th 2015 This is the 4th board I ordered through Boardcave and I keep coming back! That says it all.

David, C (TAS) – Aug 24th 2015 The service was great, including advice from board cave on board sizing, and the board got to me within the time schedule stated.

Paul, T (WA) – Aug 16th 2015 These guys rock! Board was well worth the wait! Was well informed of progress along the way. Will definitely use these guys again!

Matthew, K (SA) – Aug 04th 2015 I found Boardcave very good and easy to deal with and will definitely get my next boards through them.

Michael, L (QLD) – July 20th 2015 Todd at Boardcave was absolutely awesome, great board knowledge and advice made the ordering of my board so easy! Thanks everyone at Boardcave I will definitely buy my next stick through you guys.

Nick, M (WA) – July 3rd 2015 Excellent service and support. The website is well set out with good information on all products. I had a slight issue caused by a heavy handed courier and the boardcave team had me sorted out very quickly with no fuss. I will be back again!

Craig, T (QLD) – June 20th 2015 Excellent service,quick responses,easy ordering,fast delivery!

Annemarie, H (NSW) – June 4th 2015 Boardcave is excellent in terms of customer service, highly recommend Boardcave when ordering your next board!

Rodrigo, V (NSW) – May 21st 2015 Boardcave service was great, very happy with the communication, customer service and everything. Thanks guys!

Krsna, B (NSW) – May 11th 2015 You guys are amazing and have been such a great help for getting me my Super PigDog! Thanks again! You guys are awesome! Krsna

Stephen, A (VIC) – April 23rd 2015 Good reliable service. I've ordered a couple of boards through them and not been disappointed in any aspect of their service.

Ben, L (QLD) – April 2nd 2015 Hi guys - I picked up my MF Sweet Spot yesterday, very stoked! Thanks for a smooth, easy transaction. Liked the order tracking as well! Cheers, Ben

Mathieu, L (VIC) – Mar 31st 2015 Great turn around from the boys. They went the extra mile to get the fins I needed. This is best way to get any surf Equipment.. Hassle free.

Sam, E (VIC) – Mar 20th 2015 The whole process was easy and ran smoothly, information was delivered promptly and any questions where answered right away.

Oliver, K (NSW) – Feb 16th 2015 Service from Boardcave was very good. Always got back to me with updates and showed that they really care about their customers. Would definitely recommend their services.

Aaron, H (WA) – Feb 13th 2015 I was happy to buy my board from Boardcave. I found the options of boards are endless and you can spend hours and hours looking through all the different types from all different shapers. I love how you can customise your board from size and also fins and glassing setup. The guys answered my questions and queries pretty much straight away and kept me up to date on my order. I will look to buy my next stick from this site. Thanks Guys!!!

Scott, T (SA) – Jan 15th 2015 Still loving my board and the process you guys have is great. I'll be looking for a step up mid way through this year. hopefully you guys can help me out as I have found you extremely easy to deal with.

Rabin, B (WA) – Jan 13th 2015 Boardcave has provided an amazing service during the peak X-Mas period and has made an extra effort for delivering the board on time. Customer service was up to scratch with answering emails and keeping me updated. 5 stars!

Craig, H (QLD) – Jan 6th 2015 Amazing customer service, Great communication and progress reports. An absolute pleasure to deal with. For me this is the best way to get a custom board made, through Boardcave.


Marc, S (NSW) – December 24th 2014 Hi Team! All is well! Board arrived and looks SICK!!!! Please let Clearwater know they have done a great job, some one will be super stoked tomorrow (Christmas present). Thanks for all your help and have a good xmas and new year. I'll be sure to buy again from Boardcave in the future! Regards, Marc

Jack, H (NSW) – December 16th 2014 Board is fantastic!!! Big thank you to the guys at Boardcave, and thanks to Emery for delivering an awesome stick! One very happy customer

Oliver, K (NSW) – December 16th 2014 Hey team. Got my merlot today! Stoked with it! Thanks for all the help. Cheers, Oliver

Miles, C (WA) – December 15th 2014 Hi guys. My lazy toy arrived today. Not a mark on it. Very impressed with the whole process. You guys have a great business there, Well done!

Lochie, T (TAS) – December 12th 2014 Hi team Boardcave, I would just like to say a huge thank you for getting my Double Shot organised! You fellas have done an amazing job and I'm so stoked it's been finished. Thank you very very much for making my late birthday present the best present ever. Lots of love Lochie Todd

Alistair, H (QLD) – November 27th 2014 Hi Boardcave Team, My Sub Driver arrived yesterday, it looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for your time in keeping me informed while it was being built and sent over. Kind regards Alastair

Craig, H (QLD) – November 20th 2014 Hi Guys, My custom grey Hypto Krypto arrived today and looks great. I'd like to thank Boardcave for the great customer service and board advice. looking to get a DMS board soon and Definatly will be using board cave Again. Great site and customer service. Thanks, Craig

Matthew, R (NSW) – September 29th 2014 Dear Boardcave, Collected my Lost Beach Buggy from the Lost factory this morning. Looks awesome! Hopefully some surf picks up later in the week and I can take it for a few waves. I just wanted to thank you for your help. It is a long process ordering a board online and you made it a simple task, promptly responding to emails and organising everything with ease. Thanks again…

Tim, R (VIC) – September 19th 2014 Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you guys know how good your website is. Dangerously easy to grow the quiver behind the missus’ back! Great to be able to search 100’s of boards and many shapers with no hassle.

Bill, W (WA) – September 11th 2014 Hi Guys, My DHD Pocket Knife and fins arrived this morning – plenty of time to spare!! Thanks very much to you and the Board Cave crew for organising prompt manufacture and delivery – I really appreciate the first class personal service. Only problem I have is that the forecast is for very large swells for Indo for the next few weeks. I am going to be very under gunned!

Sonya, E (WA) – July 31st 2014 Team Boardcave, Just emailing to let you know that my Lost V3 arrived yesterday, all well packaged etc. I plan to avoid work tomorrow (Im a substitute teacher) and try it out, cant wait! I have the 'lucky' tailpad on the board, thanks again for your guidance and I will let you know how it goes, cool. Cheers

Aaron, C (VIC) – July 22nd 2014 Hi Guys, Just got my Hypto Krypto, absolutely stocked thanks heaps guys

Mark, E (QLD) – July 16th 2014 Yo! I wanna drop a positive review on The Ando I purchased through boardcave. Let me know when the feature's enabled or how to otherwise. This Board has changed my life!!! Yew! :)

Trent, G (QLD) – July 10th 2014 Hi Guys, Just a quick thanks for my new Lost Sub Scorcher Two, it arrived safe and sound and the olds have sent a photo. It looks great!, Cheers again

Kristy, R (QLD) – May 19th 2014 My Lost V2 Shortboard arrived yesterday and looks great just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help and for getting it to me so quickly, Kristy

David, B (TAS) – March 30st 2014 Hi Guys, Legends my sons JR Cousin It arrived safe and sound thanks to you packaging it like it was worth a million bucks. My son is really stoked and I just want to thank you for your help. You will definitely get some positive press when all his other surfing buddies get to see his new board. Thanks again & cheers

Peter, V (QLD) – January 10th 2014 Hi Team, I have been getting a few waves, thanks for all the help. I picked the board up from the depot because I couldn't wait. My DMS Slapper goes great, thanks for everything, Peter


Philip, H (NSW) – Nov 4th 2013 Hi Guys, My new Emery Stump Original arrived today in perfect condition. Seriously stoked! Thanks for the assistance - Big thumbs up to Boardcave !!!! Regards, Philip

Andrew, H (SA) – Oct 25th 2013 Hi Guys, I received my Noosa Joker Longboard today. It is in perfect condition. Thanks very much for all your help. Looking forward to surfing this over the next few days even though we've got 30kt winds and huge messy seas for the next week. Andrew.

David, P (VIC) – Oct 9th 2013 Hi Boardcave, Got my new SUPER Mastablasta 2 on Monday, thanks heaps. The service was brilliant will happily recommend you guys, David.

Ebony, H (QLD) – Jul 22nd 2013 Hi Guys, Boards arrived safe and sound on Friday 12/7! Perfect timing. Jeremy loved his board and I loved mine. Such quality work. The artwork looks fabulous and the boards are of an extremely high quality. Please give a big thank you to Steve Del Rosso for his wonderful work and thank you for being so efficient to liaise with about getting them ordered and shipped in time for Jeremy's birthday. Will definitely recommend the Boardcave to friends and family. Thank you once again! Ebony

Chris, B (SA) – Jun 30th 2013 Hi Guys, Just a quick email to let you know that the board arrived safely and it looks awesome! Thanks again for the great service! Chris

Chris, B (SA) – Jun 28th 2013 Gday, Cheers for following it up mate! I buy a lot of stuff online and I can say that no-one has the customer service that you offer. Good work! I've been eagerly waiting for the DHD Sweet Spot to arrive this week. Hope you have a great weekend too! Thanks again, Chris

Josquin, C (NSW) – Jun 10th 2013 Just tried my DMS Crumpet 5'10" this afternoon. little waves in Maroubra, easy going. Board has really good paddle, easily catches waves. Stability is here too. Very light feeling under the feet. V responsive. Can't wait to try it in bigger waves! I definitely recommend.

Michael, H (QLD) – May 22nd 2013 Just got my new D-fish shaped by Steve at Clearwater Surfboards. Board looks great, now I just need some waves. Cant wait to ride it. Cheers, Michael

Bernie, C (VIC) – May 6th 2013 I want to say a big thanks to you guys at Boardcave for your help recently. When I was working interstate for a few weeks I bought a second hand DHD board and wanted to get some background info on its design & performance features; after searching the web I came across Boardcave and did an online enquiry and minutes later these guys were online responding to my query. The Boardcave guys just kept at it until they got the info I was after....really great effort guys and thank you again for all your help.

Patrick (NSW) – Apr 30th 2013 Dear boardcave, My board arrived in perfect condition and exactly when you said it would, thank you . It was a real pleasure dealing with you. Everything you said you would do you did and promptly. Ordering a custom surfboard over the phone was a new experience for me but it was a personal one because of the care you took over everything. Thanks again. Sincerely Patrick

Sarah, K (WA) – Apr 10th 2013 Thanks for the great service boardcave I had no idea what board to get next and now I have several recommendations. You have made buying boards nice and easy and it's great to see you supporting our local shapers. Legends, Sarah.

Jamie, M (QLD) – Apr 2nd 2013 James in customer service recommended the Shapers quad template by Dick Van Straalen for my Switch Blade. I have no idea why I was surfing my old fins, tested the stealth DVS over the Easter weekend and will never ride plastic fins again. My board feels quicker and more lively than ever. Thanks James for the tip. Sincerely, Jamie.

Shaun, B (NSW) – March 26th 2013 Perfect timing for my DHD delivery. I got my Boardcave box delivered to my work yesterday and I felt like a kid at Christmas. I think you guys will have a few more customers because the guys didn't stop asking me how I ordered my board. Thanks again for your help and for frothing out an old dog. Cheers, Shaun

Michael, K (VIC) – Jan 20th 2013 Thanks guys for helping me order my new stick. Your updates and customer service guys kept me in the loop and responded quickly. I will spread the word, awesome service to order customs from shapers around Aus, cheers M.K

Lewis, G (NSW) – Jan 11th 2013 Had a great experience with Really great advice on board selection. Great communication from making the order, updates on how the board is coming along, all the way through to shipping. My custom board took 9 days from ordering to having it in my hands, definitely the quickest board I've ever had shaped. Stoked with the board and how it rides. All round good experience!


Damian, F (NSW) – Dec 8th 2012 Just surfed my 5’6” today and I can’t wipe the smile from my face. The recommendation of extra volume was a winner, I was surfing in slop and still having the best time. Thanks for the tip, Damo.

Sam, W (NSW) – Nov 29th 2012 Thanks for the quick delivery of my shapers fins guys. Frothing to test them in some good surf, I will let you know how I go. Cheers, Sam.

Shawn, R (VIC) – Nov 20th 2012 Hi Boardcave, just thought I would let you know that your website is by far the most advanced and easy to use site I have come across. I have already selected my next board from the board engine. You have made finding boards a blast. Thanks, Shawn.

Simon, A (NSW) – Oct 19th 2012 Hi Guys, I haven’t shut up about my board. I thought I would let you know it goes great and I will spread the word. We don’t have access to many surfboard brands in Kiama so it’s great to be able to order from shapers around Aus. Cheers, Simon.

Mike, S (NSW) – Oct 13th 2012 Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer service. I spoke with James in customer service who spent over 30 minutes providing me with all the information I needed. I now understand the importance of surfboard volume. I will spread the word about and your excellent service. Thanks, Mike.

Jason, M (WA) – Oct 2nd 2012 I would like to thank you boardcave for your help in ordering my new DMS Fat Cat. I have never been more stoked to unwrap something in my life. Cheers, Jason.

Luke, B (QLD) – Oct 10th 2012 Hi Guys, I have already received my creatures leash and tail pad I have just got my DMS carbon wrap, yew. Cheers for your help in getting my board ready in time for Bali. Thanks for frothing out a desk jockey. Sincerely, Luke.