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Wetsuit Tops & Rashies

Keep protected from the elements and stay in the line up longer with our range of Wetsuit Tops and Rash Guards, also known as "Rashies".

Using a combinations of the best neoprene materials and seam technologies, our Wetsuit Tops, also known as Wetsuit Jackets, range in various thicknesses and cuts to suit any condition and body shape. For the warmest of conditions, Rashies and Surf Tees will keep you cool while protecting you against the harsh sun. Another alternative are your warmer options, these include a full Wetsuit or see our range of Spring Suits, these are also great options for the groms. Having one piece to get on and take of with the Kids makes it easy and our child range of wetsuits are designed to keep them warm and protected from the sun and wind. If you're shopping for yourself, we have wetsuits for the whole family, or you can view our full range of Curated Womens Collection that has been selected to meet the needs of our growing community of female surfers across Boardcave. Meanwhile, do not forget to check out our equally impressive Men's Wetsuit Collection, designed to elevate your surfing experience and keep you comfortable in the water.

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