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Surfboard Repair Kits

Dings are pretty unavoidable when it comes to surfing and a small crack in your board can quickly turn into a one-way trip to surfboard heaven. Luckily with the right surfboard repair kit, you can make things easier while saving money, time and your board. While the old school solution of some duct tape and wax served its time, modern repair kits can be just as inexpensive, easy to use and will have a crack or ding repaired in a few minutes.

Important Tip

Make sure to use a resin made from the same material as the board. Epoxy resin for an epoxy board and select our polyester options for PU boards.

Quick Ding Repair

We have a selection of products to help for quick simple repairs. If the waves are up and you don't want to miss out while waiting for a ding repairer to fix your board, see some options below. Sun activated products can be used straight from the tube for a quick and easy repair. The gel will harden within seconds and cure after a few minutes, when exposed to sun light. Check out the range of these solar activated products below. Options like the SunCure Epoxy fill or the SunCure PU/fibreglass fill, are a must have in any surfers gear pack. Alternatively, ding tape or ding dough will also work a treat for small damages and repairs.

These products are also great for travel, when you're away and ding your surfboard. Remember to pack them in your check in luggage and to double check you can fly with these chemicals, if taking them on a flight for your surf trip. Many airlines will allow this and we've been saved before when an airline baggage crew cracked the nose and a tail of two boards and we had some ding repair in our check in bags. This allowed us to do a quick fix and avoid missing out on a once in a lifetime swell. Keep in mind, you may want to get the ding repaired professionally at a later date, depending how bad the damage is. Ensuring you keep water out of the foam of your boards will help them last longer, stay white and light for the best performance.

Total Ding Repair

If you're after a repair kit or product to save you money and cover all your basis for any damaged you get to your deck, bottom, rails, tail, nose, fin plugs etc. You can't go past putting together your own kit of materials or buying a ready to go kit below. This is how the pros do it and will save you cash and time in the long run. These kits include commercial grade materials and are best for long term durability for a professional finish. Most of these kits come with handy step by step instructions. Youtube is also your best friend for help refining your ding repair efforts to get a quality finish. Knowing how to professionally repair dings is a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side. Just a warning that it can become annoying when your friends are always expecting you to fix their dings. We use and test all our ding repair kits below, check them out to meet all your surfboard repair needs. If you have any questions, chat live below or shoot us a message and our surfboard experts will happily recommend the best ding repair product for your needs.


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