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Steamer Wetsuits

Protect yourself from the cold water and wind with a Steamer Wetsuit and stay in the lineup longer. Generally worn in cooler weather, the Steamer suit is used for those colder surfing conditions. Our range of steamer wetsuits in different styles, including short sleeve steamers, and thicknesses, ensures we have something for all surfing conditions. Stay comfortable on those cooler mornings with our modern full wetsuits from Vissla and Sisstrevolution that are constructed with a range of advanced neoprene materials and seam technology, all designed specifically for surfers.

Needs some tips picking right surfing wetsuit? Check out our Best Wetsuits for Surfing Guide for more tips. If you're still stuck, live chat to one of our experts.

Alternatively, check out our range of wetsuit accessories, including gloves, boots and hoods. Our range of Spring Suits and Rashies are perfect for the shoulder seasons as the water warms up.

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