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Mini Simmons Surfboards

The Mini Simmons Surfboard is a nod to one of surfing's greatest, Bob Simmons, the man who brought hydrodynamic theory and speed to surfing. The revolutionary board takes a slice of history and combines it with the best of loose, skatey, fast, fluid and fun.

Bob Simmons with a balsa wood board in 1945
Bob Simmons with his 100% Balsa Wood shape which was the pinnacle of surf design in 1945

While the popularity of uniquely shaped boards over the years has mean't nothing is really out of the question when it comes to surfboards, you can still expect a few second glances with the design of a Mini Simmons surfboard. With parallel lines and wide tails, the Mini Simmons design is flat and thick-railed with traditional planing hull theories.

Mini Simmons are great on not so great days but even better on an overhead. Flat and straight equals fast, so itโ€™s guaranteed you're going to glide. You can get a Mini Simmons board with a performance focus or one of classic style and construction for the traditionalist.

The Simmons surfboard is a great fun shape with endless possibilities. Even with their unusual look, youโ€™ll get a lot out of the experience in riding and getting to know what a Mini Simmons surfboard is all about.

Side by side comparison of original bob simmons board and an album sub model
The Old and the New. An Original Bob Simmons design and an inspired modern shape the Sub by Album Surfboards.

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