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New Surfboards

Keep up to date with the latest surfboard releases on Boardcave. View new surfboards as soon as they're out of the shaping bay and stay in the know about what the next big surfboard design is. At Boardcave, we want to provide you with information on new surfboards for sale as soon as they come out.

Stay tuned with all the latest new surfboard models from brands like SMTH Shapes, Haydenshapes Surfboards, Lost Surfboards, DHD Surfboards, JS Industries and many more.

Using the Board Engine (Volume Calculator) to find the right surfboard volume and dimensions for you, you can optimise your performance and really rip no matter what the conditions or your abilities. This helpful volume calculator combined with our range of the newest surfboards from leading Australian Surfboard Shapers gives you a heads up about new online surfboards for sale. Buying surfboards online doesn't have to be a hard process with Boardcave. Simply compare surfboards online, select your board, customise and buy. With Boardcave's safe delivery insurance you can rest at ease knowing your new surfboard will be at your door as soon as possible.

For more information on the newest surfboard models, reach out to one of our knowledgable surf experts via LIVE CHAT! Our 'Are you surfing the wrong board?' article also has plenty of advice and information on surfboard volume.

New Surfboards

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