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Surfboard for Beginners

It can be hard to know what to look for when buying your first surfboard

Ultimately you want a board that's going to be easy to paddle around and allow you to catch waves easily.

Learning in smaller, calm conditions is favourable. Taking into consideration that you haven't done much surfing before, you should be looking at a board that offers a lot of volume. The volume in a surfboard is basically the amount of foam in the board. A board with a lot of volume (a lot of foam), is going to be very easy to paddle around and very easy to catch small waves on. The more foam a board has, the more buoyant it will be, in turn making it easy to stand up on and ride the wave with stability.

A board shape that we highly recommend for your first surfboard is a malibu (aka: longboard) surfboard and these can come in traditional fibreglass or a learner-friendly (and safer) soft top. These boards are longer in length and are thicker than standard shortboards or performance surfboards. A board that is longer in length and has more thickness will be:

1. Easier to paddle around on
2. Easier to paddle onto waves and get in early
3. Easier to stand up and ride the wave

How long does my board need to be?

The longer the surfboard, the more volume, thus increasing buoyancy. The size of surfboard you get will come down to a few factors that you'll need to consider. For more info on these, check out our article What size surfboard should I get?

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