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Wake Surfboards

Wake Surfing has become more and more popular through the world as it opens up your surfing area to more than just coastal beaches. If you live near a lake, river, ocean, any body of water really, and have access to a good boat that can produce a decent wake, you must try Wake Surfing to get your surfing fix!

Wake surfing is similar to wake boarding, but you are not strapped to the board, and for the most part you want to let go of the rope and literally surf the wake of the boat.

Wake Surfboards are also similar to surfboards in the sense that they are pretty much just little surfboards designed to fit in the pocket of the wake, and are fully customizable.

There are really two main categories that Wake Surfboards fit into, the skim style board and the surf style board. A skim style board is usually flatter in the rocker and thin, just like a skimboard. There is usually a little single fin attached to give you a little more control on the wake and this style of board is designed to be surfed more like a skim board, doing aerials and pop shuvits, etc, but they are not as good for turning on rail. If you prefer to surf from the rail more, you would want to look at the Surf style of board. The Surf style is more similar to a proper surfboard, but designed to be smaller to fit in the pocket of the wake. They are usually thicker, have more rocker and can be found as a twin fin or quad fin set up. Great for good rail turns and still able to bust some airs.

Both styles of wake surfboards are similar to a proper surfboards in that the possibilities for designs are endless. Blending different concave's, tail shapes, rockers, rails, outlines, and exploring new designs are half the fun. And just like your surfboards, your best boards are going to be custom made for you and your abilities.

Next time you want to try something different, or if you are feeling stuck inland with no hope of seeing the coast again, never fear, take a look into Wake Surfboards online, find a body of water and find a good friend with a rad boat and get shredding. Check out the Board Engine to see how you can find your custom board today.

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