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Surfboards Sydney

Surfboard Shapers in Sydney

Sydney is one of the major hubs for the surf industry in the world. With so many world renown shapers in a close proximity, there is no shortage of surfboards in Sydney. With some of the best waves and shapers New South Wales has to offer, the surfboards in Sydney cover everything from High Performance Boards, to Hybrids, Logs and Fish Surfboards. If you are new to surfing, you can check out the range of Beginner Surfboards to get you started.

With popular brand names hailing from the area like Haydenshapes Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards, Eye Symmetry, Warner and more, Sydney surfboards are some of the best around.

NSW Surf Schools
>> Looking to learn to surf or for private surf coaching? Check out the Manly Surf Guide and book a session with leading surf coach Ryan Hayfield to advance your surfing.
NSW Hire Information
>> Traveling around Sydney or the Northern Beaches to go surfing? Why not check out and their Sydney Car Hire for your surf trip.
>> Renting in NSW is easy with Rent surfboards, trailers, camping equipment and just about anything on Freegler. Check out our large range of hire listings for your NSW Hire Needs.
NSW Weather
>> See the Bureau of Meteorology to check out information on NSW weather.